Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 28, 1955

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Libel Suit

And from California comes a newspaper clipping which tells the story of a preacher who was awarded $2,000.00 in a libel suit against some of the members (former members) of the congregation where he preached. It seems this brother and sister had allegedly circulated a letter containing libelous references to the preacher. Shucks, if we started in to sue everybody who is libeling us (and we do mean libeling, and not merely slandering) the court dockets of the land would be swamped with new business.

Texas Layman

From Chattanooga we have a half-page paid advertisement in the "News-Free Press" inviting people to attend some meetings at the East Lake Church of Christ. The ad was paid for (so it says) by some twenty individuals and firms — among them four or five gospel preachers who are listed as "Reverends." It's hard to make the newspapers understand our convictions on these things. A few weeks ago when this writer conducted a meeting at Thayer Street in Akron, William Wallace, local preacher there, sent a story to the newspaper, and wrote across it in bold letters, "Do not use 'reverend' or 'pastor' in connection with this story." They didn't. But the story came out under the newspaper headline, "Texas Layman Conducts Crusade."

From Brother Woods

"Dear Yater: A 'gem' for your 'Overflow': If either of the following brethren, W. Curtis Porter, Roy Cogdill, Cecil Douthitt, or Yater Tant can obtain the endorsement of the Belmont congregation in Indianapolis (the congregation responsible for the proposed debate), and will deny that It is scriptural for churches of Christ to support the orphan homes and homes for the aged among us, and to cooperate with each other in such support; and affirm that It is sinful for churches of Christ to support the orphan homes and homes for the aged among us, or to cooperate with each other in such support, the Garfield Heights congregation of Indianapolis and this writer are very anxious to accommodate you. This is precisely what you preach; now, will you debate it? Not so fast, gentlemen; one at a time! We shall soon see whose offer for debate curiouser' and spuriouser' with each gets passing day. The foregoing is the 'other side' which, of course, you always publish! We shall watch for it with interest. Faithfully yours, Guy N. Woods."


Again the "trick" appears. For the above proposition would require us logically to deny that churches can cooperate — which we do not teach, and have never denied. And this Brother Woods knows quite well. This proposition is quite on a par with the 'Rutherford style' challenge of some months ago. Garfield Heights and Belmont Avenue agreed to have another debate covering the same three propositions used in the first debate. If Brother Woods does not want to debate those propositions, he should say so, and let Garfield Heights select some other representative. Belmont's representative has been ready for months. How about it?

In Contrast

In marked contrast to the panhandle (particularly Lubbock) churches who are firing their preachers right and left on such short notice, demanding that they vacate their houses almost immediately, etc., we had the very pleasant experience a few days ago of receiving a check from one of the churches that had cancelled a meeting for us, and accompanying the church check were personal checks from two of the elders. And of the five churches who have been persuaded to cancel meetings for us this year, we confidently expect to be invited for future work by at least three of them.

A Dog Story

He was preaching a "trial" sermon in a country church when a big droopy-eared hound dog strolled in and sat down on the pulpit platform. The audience immediately lost interest in the sermon and began to watch the dog. In exasperation the preacher gave the canine a lusty boot, and sent him howling out the back door. After the service one of the good brethren expressed his regrets to the preacher that he had been so inconsiderate of the dog, "because that there hound belongs to old Brother Jason, our head elder here, and he sets a mite of store by him." Hoping if possible to retrieve the situation, the preacher offered his apologies to Brother Jason for having booted his hound. "Oh, that's all right," said Brother Jason, "I'm sort of glad you did it. Old Tray is a right smart dog, and I wouldn't have had him hear that sermon for nothin'. It woulda made him sick."

Horrible Death

Did you hear about the Ozark grandmother who was bitten on the chin by a rattlesnake some time ago? The snake died a horrible death. The coroner's verdict: "Snuff poisoning."

Reinforced At That

We heard a Houston brother the other day relate his experience in trying to talk to some ardent supporters of "Herald of Truth." Said he, "Those brethren had very concrete ideas on the subject — thoroughly mixed, permanently set."


This writer is scheduled to preach at Highland Boulevard church in San Antonio, Texas, July 24 and July 31; at East Long Beach, California, August 7; at Cottage Grove, Oregon, August 14-21; Portland, Oregon (Southeast), August 24-September 4; Hillsboro, Oregon, September 614; Franklin, Tennessee (West End), September 25-October 2; Mt. Pleasant, Texas, October 9-16; Haynes, Louisiana, October 23-30.

Getting Warm!

A couple of preachers from the Texas panhandle were in the office a few days ago. They tell us that of the last six preachers to leave churches in Lubbock, Texas, five have been fired! And most of those fired were given only a few days notice at that. They also say that "firings" are getting to be the order of the day over the whole panhandle and south plains area. What's the matter out there?