Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 28, 1955


Floyd Embree, 610 E. La Deney Dr., Ontario, California, July 15: "From June 17 through 26th I was in a meeting with the church in Silver City, New Mexico. No visible results there. Brother Joe F. Watson is the preacher there and is doing a good work. Brother franklin Puckett begins a meeting with us July 24. We anticipate a good meeting. Beginning July 18, we will have a daily radio broadcast over the local station."

W. E. (Bud) Irvine, P. O. Box 648, Earth, Texas, July 13: "After nineteen months with the central church in Long Beach we moved to Earth the first of this year. It is a pleasure working with these brethren who are stable in the Truth and interested in preaching the gospel in other places. Within the next few weeks we hope to support a man in Oregon full time. A place has been selected out a man has not been decided upon. There have been 27 responses here in the past three months, 10 of them baptisms. i was with San Bernardino, California, and Hanover, New Mexico, earlier this year in meetings which resulted in eight baptisms and four restorations. I'm to begin in Hement, California, August 3 and Lamont, California, August 14, and in Indiana in November for meetings. The church here is willing for men to hold more meetings than I have in past years. We have men capable of taking care of the services in a fine way."

Leonard C. Bankhead, 2104 Buchanan, Pasadena, Texas, July 11: "After five and one half years with the Telephone Road congregation in Houston, I began work June 1 with the church in Deer Park. Our forces have been increased with seven transfers and one baptism. We have just bought and paid cash for two large lots in a nice Location and bought two adjoining small lots on time. At present we meet in the Boy Scout Lodge. Gordon Teel will begin a meeting with us August 1."

Frank Trayler, Chaplain (Major) USAF, 7312 A.B. Sqdn., 12th A.F., APO 800, New York, N. Y., July 14: "The meeting in West Texas closed on July 10 with 19 responses — three baptisms (one a 62-year-old Baptist). On July 17 and 24 I am to preach at Brykerwood church in Austin, Texas, and on July 31 at 16th and Decatur, Washington, D.C."

P. J. Casebolt, 203 Miller Ave., Weirton, West Virginia, July 11: "Recently one has been baptized, two restored, and four have come into our midst from loyal churches in other communities. Let us know of any prospects living in or moving to this area. Notice my new address."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison Street, Clarksburg, West Virginia, July 7: "Since last report I have assisted the following congregations in meetings. Dale, Princetown, and Daybrook, all in W. Va. There was one addition at Dale, and two at Daybrook. All of these meetings were well attended."

Charles R. Estes, 301 Grand Ave., Sheffield, Alabama, July 15: "In the last month I have preached for the following churches: Red Rock in Colbert County, Spring Valley Church, Tuscumbia, Alabama, Wolf Spring Church in Lawrence County. I will be at the Foote Street congregation, Corinth, Mississippi, July 22-31. My father, Chester Estes, preaches over a Sunday morning broadcast, WVNA, Tuscumbia, Alabama."

Judson Woodbridge, Mulvane, Kansas, July 15: "My meeting the first of the month in Paden, Oklahoma, resulted in two baptisms and one restoration. The church here in Mulvane is planning a Vacation Bible School beginning August 15."

Wm. E. Wallace, 640 Thayer St., Akron 10, Ohio: "I was in Beamsville, Ontario, for the 'June Meeting.' It was a great experience to speak to this assembly of Christians from all over Ontario. The church in Ontario seems to be growing steadily. The Omagh Vacation Bible School and the Great Lakes College are doing much good to the church. Brother C. G. McPhee is at the helm of the four week Omagh school, a yearly affair. Unfortunately he is not connected with the college in Beamsville anymore. Recently Brother C. W. Waterworth of Beamsville and the congregation in Jordan made it possible for Roy E. Cogdill to do extensive evangelistic work in Ontario. Several new congregations were created, several weak congregations were given a shot in the arm. The congregations established by Brother Cogdill now have preachers and are doing well. Brother Cogdill is respected in Ontario for his work. I was in Newbern, North Carolina in July. Last year at this time we helped get this congregation established — we began with just a few in attendance. Brother J. O. Walter is now working with the church and they are having 40 to 45 in attendance on Sunday mornings. I am happy to report to the contributors to this work that this effort is producing good results."

Ross O. Spears, Tompkinsville, Kentucky, July 11: "One was restored at yesterday's service. Our Vacation Bible School had an average daily attendance of 205 out of an enrollment of 257. We believe there will be a gradual growth in all phases of the work here."

Paul C. Keller, Senatobia, Mississippi, July 11: "The Vacation Bible School of the Thyatira church closed July 1st. This was our third such Bible school and our attendance this year showed a fifteen percent increase over that of last year, and nearly a sixty percent increase over our first Vacation Bible School. At present I am in a meeting with the County Line church near Jonesboro, Arkansas. Our meeting begins at Thyatira July 24 with H. F. Sharp preaching."

Glenn L. Shaver, 6243 Delaware St., Hammond, Indiana, July 6: "We moved from Mountain Home, Arkansas the first of July to work with the church here in Hammond. We would appreciate the name and address of any who may have moved to Hammond or nearby from the south. If those who read the Guardian have relatives or friends who are living here, will send us their addresses, we will be happy to call on them. Before leaving Arkansas (where we worked for nine years) we helped in gospel meetings at the following places: Harrison; Buford community near Mountain Home; Norfolk; (with no visible results) and St. Joe, Arkansas, with six obeying the gospel — three married people and three single. Two (husband and wife) were raised in Primitive Baptist doctrine, the grandfather was a Primitive Baptist preacher. We have a meeting scheduled at Crossett, Arkansas during the latter part of August (21 through 31st). This is a return meeting, where we had good responses last year. Hoping for a good meeting again this year. We solicit the prayers of Christians everywhere as we begin work in this part of our country."