Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 28, 1955

God's Organization

Pryde E. Hinton, Dora, Alabama

Some who read my article in the Guardian of June 16, "An Important Proposal," thought that I really did advocate such a set-up. I had carefully copied the organization of at least one orphan home among us. I thought it might help us all to see that such an organization, organized by representatives of several churches, supported by the churches, to do at least part of the work of the churches, is wrong, whether its function is missionary or benevolent. I repeat from M. C. Kurfees:

"Reverting, for the moment, to our principle as formerly illustrated, we are commanded to 'go' to men with the gospel; and whether we walk or ride, or whether we ride in one or another of the numerous ways of riding, we are, in each and every case, obeying the divine command to 'go.' But if we were commanded to 'walk' to men with the gospel, all methods of going otherwise would be excluded, and we would be compelled to walk if we obeyed the command.

"The same principle applies in precisely the same way to the religious organization under which, and through which, God's children are to work. If He had merely commanded them to work without giving them an organization through which, and under which, to work, with its divinely appointed board of supervisors and managers to look after the work, then they could obey the command by forming for themselves an organization for that purpose and appointing a board of supervisors to look after the work. But the Lord has given them an organization, and has specifically named its board of overseers and managers." (pp. 77, 78, "Instrumental Music In the Worship.")

I doubt if there is a brother among us who has not used that very argument. I think we all know it is sound. Remember, we are NOT writing about "private" institutions, such as journals, publishing companies, colleges, etc. I am writing about organizations totally, solely, to do a divinely ordained work of the congregations: preach the gospel, and care for those in need. Both these works may be done by individuals; but this is the work of Christians in the aggregate, of which I write.

However, I say this also: Those of us, as individuals, and as congregations, who do NOTHING, or too little, in either work, ought to show our faith by our works. So Christians, and congregations, let me plead with you to get busy doing all you can, in both fields, as individuals and churches. In this way, Christ's method of doing His work will again be demonstrated best, as in days apostolic. In the language of the boys I used to know, let us "put up, or shut up"!