Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 13, 1954

In Middle Tennessee

(This brief article was sent to us by a gospel preacher who serves one of the biggest congregations in Tennessee. He desires that his name be not used.)

It is said that certain Middle Tennessee churches have difficulty getting a financial report from Tennessee Orphan Home, Spring Hill, Tennessee. Some members of the board of directors have said they do not give out reports because if people knew how much they were getting in they would stop giving. Well, we do not know how much they are getting but "Total cash received December 1, 1950 through May 31, 1951 ... $65,526.96." "Cost of operating the home December 1, 1950 through May 31, 1951 . . . $52, 466.67." "Cash received above cost of operating the home December 1, 1950 through May 31, 1951 . . . $13,060.29." And this does not tell the whole story: food and clothing came in by the truck load. The home owns a large farm and dairy herd. It does not, according to two of its board members, "necessarily need another farm," yet it continually advertises "We Need A Farm." It needs nothing of the kind. It once had and sold two extra farms. The above report did not include money contributed to the building fund nor does it tell how such cash is held in reserve. (It is said the home has over $85,000.00 in bonds.) No financial reports are given out by the home. At a recent board meeting some board members were heard to remark, "We will run our business like we please. We do not have to report to anybody." The above quotations are from the report prepared as a confidential report for board members.