Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 13, 1954

Christians And The Theater


Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman tells of an incident in the life of President Lincoln that suggests a WEAKNESS in many a life and an efficient strength in the life of a few. He says Mrs. Pomeroy was counted a member of President Lincoln's household. One day when he had grown weary with the affairs of state, he asked her to accompany him to the theatre and occupy the president's box at the Ford Theater that night. Mrs. Pomeroy courteously declined.

He gave her a subsequent invitation and it was not accepted. Finally, with some degree of irritation he said: "Mrs. Pomeroy, it is counted an HONOR to sit in the president's box. I should like to ask you why you have refused." Hesitating a moment, as if she feared to hurt the feelings of the president, she said: "Mr. President, I am a Christian, and when I became such I PROMISED my Lord that I would go no place where I could not take him with me, or ask his blessing. I could hardly do this at the THEATER, and for that reason I do not go." It is said that Abraham Lincoln never again asked her to accompany him to such a place, but it is known that again and again when they were driving together on some mission of MERCY in the various hospitals, he would say to his coachman, "Drive a little slower." And then he would say to Mrs. Pomeroy, "Tell me more of this Christ whom you SERVE."

Such a life always has POWER and this is simply being CONSISTENT, and not in any sense FANATICAL.