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May 13, 1954

Washington Baptized?

Bethel, Connecticut

Dear Yater:

I am enclosing herewith a copy of a statement handed me recently. Wonder if anybody knows any more about it?

Albert C. Blevins Dallas, Texas The enclosed clipping was taken from the Octographic Review, published at Indianapolis, Indiana, in a communication written by J. W. Perkins of Indianapolis. Thinking that it might be of historical interest to your many readers, I send it, hoping that you will publish it. Here it is:

George Washington, the Father of our country, was reared an Episcopalian, but having learned the way of the Lord more perfectly, when he saw Elder John Gano, his chaplain, who was holding a meeting with soldiers and taking candidates to the river to baptize them, exclaimed: "I have never been scripturally baptized," and demanded immersion at the hands of the chaplain. Elder Gano, the grandfather of R. M. Gano, now of Dallas, Texas, immersed George Washington in the Potomac River in the presence of about forty persons. "The Witness of the Spirits," page 206, by James W. Zachary.

John T. Poe