Vol.VIII No.X Pg.2
December 1971

Preachin And Dunkin

Robert F. Turner

GREETINGS, for the New Year, 1972! We are repeatedly asked concerning our schedule of meetings, so will try to give places and dates here.

Jan. 24—Feb. 2, is set aside for the Florida College lectures. I am to speak on Indwelling Holy Spirit, work in Australia, and some special class work on Authority. 1972 meetings are: Mar. 5—10, Florence, Ala.; Mar. 12-17, Highlands, Tex.; Mar. 19-26, Tucson, Ariz.; Mar. 27-Apr. 2, Santa Barbara, Cal.; Apr. 3-9, Coalinga, Cal.; Apr. 10-16, Prescott, Ariz.; Apr. 23- 30, Hidalgo,. Ill.; May 1-7, Louisville, Ky.; May 8-14, Kansas City, Mo.; May 29-Jun. 4, Haltom City, Tex.; Jun. 5-11, Magnolia, Ark.; Jun. 13-21, El Dorado, Ks.; Jun. 26-Jul. 2, Piscataway, N.J.; Jul. (?), Baltimore, Md.; Jul. 17-23, Mason, W.Va.; Aug. 12- 17, Black Oak, Ark.; Aug. 20-26, Houston, Tex.; Sept. 3-8, Allen, Tex.; Sept. 17-22, College Sta., Tex.; Sept. 25-Oct. 1, Louisville, Ky.; Oct. 2-8, Cyclone, Ky.; Oct. 15-22, Bowling Green, Ky.; Oct. 23-29, Scottsville, Ky.; Nov. 5-10, Ft. Worth, Tex.; Nov. 13-19, Jasper (Dam B) Tex.; Nov. 27- Dec. 3, La Porte, Texas.

This is a lighter schedule than we had for 1971, but is dictated by the doctor, my wife, and — I must admit it — by my own feelings as well. I am unable to give my best when worn- out by constant travel and pressure; so must pace myself to a more realistic schedule.

We plan to continue writing PLAIN TALK, and appreciate the many letters and calls received concerning it. The paper is mailed to all who request it.

While in California we read an article in the Sept. 16,71 Los Angeles Times, concerning the 50th. Anniversary Larchmont District celebration. It follows:

You know, there will be a turnout at the Hollywood Church of Christ booth — dubbed the Dunkin Deacon. Bob Blair, young minister, will perch on the swing over water. People correctly answering a Bible question will have the chance to pitch a ball that might dunk him.

Last month we carried an article about the Kansas preacher who bet his preaching on a football game, and lost. But it takes a California man to really get with it. I like good clean fun — perhaps as well as any one — but when the church is tied in with such fun and frolic it can not hope to impress serious minded people as a spiritual institution, which administers to spiritual need. The name was there; but neither the Lords church nor His principles.