Vol.VIII No.X Pg.1
December 1971

White Christmas

Robert F. Turner

There is an old joke about the preachers notes which the janitor found and read. In the margin of the typed outline the preacher had written, Argument weak here — yell and stomp feet! Other solutions to the same problem are shed a tear or get angry and quit. It is a snow job, no matter how it is pulled. Our attention is diverted, and we are robbed of the sound Bible lesson we have the right to expect.

But the preacher, and others who use such methods of getting by, are also cheating themselves. If I shortchange an audience, I have lost an opportunity to do what my whole life is dedicated to do. My own growth is stymied, my self-respect lowered, and I have less of the character Christ intended me to develop. (Col. 2:23) I have given myself a snow job.

These self-inflicted snow jobs begin early in life. You failed to study for that test, and as the questions pile up and the clock ticks on you blame a loose shutter, a fly, a whispering neighbor — anything handy. How can they expect you to work under such circumstances? So, you justify failure — to yourself — and learn nothing from an exper -ience that could have taught you to prepare for the next exam. Later you may take a drink — for courage; and a pill — to forget the failure drink promoted. And it may never dawn on you that you are victim of your own snow jobs.

Once a certain lawyer asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life, and he was told to love God totally, and thy neighbor as thyself. (Lu. 10:25-f) But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Jesus, And who is my neighbor? Did he not know? He knew! His question was a snow job, at his own expense.

Tell the preacher his tears are not enough, and shouting does not make an argument scriptural. It will be good for him — and for you. Quit kidding yourself that poor little orphans justify a galaxy of church — hood projects; or sound on the issues is a ticket for heaven. Many churches are smothering under a self-inflicted snow job, and brother, it is not a Joyous White Christmas!