Vol.VI No.V Pg.3
July 1969

Plain Talk About Pearl

Robert F. Turner

A suave fellow with a confident look flashes on my TV. He proposes some plain talk about Pearl beer.

Plain talk is a new idea in TV commer -cials. It appeals to me. I can not help wondering who Brand X is — nor suspecting it is the markets worst product. I have had my fill of white tornadoes, Fresca blizzards, the growls of angry bowl cleaners, and the dishwashing soap that thinks it is a hand lotion. I feel nauseated every time the man from Glad saves another marriage with a plastic sandwich bag. I dont appreciate having my intelligence insulted. Oh for just a few plain facts about why a product is good! I applaud the few companies who offer plain talk, competitor naming, open comparison commercials.

I like the same procedures in religion. Beating around the bush becomes tiresome. Why not call a spade a spade — specify what doctrine or practice you mean. We need not be obnoxious, but we can be straightforward and frank. People will know what we believe — and why.

I even appreciate — after the pain subsides — folks who bluntly tell me when they disagree or disapprove. I believe you are wrong because. . . is preferable to pouting, frowns, and innuendoes. I feel uncomfortable in the presence of people who are too nice (2) to say what they believe. Plain talk and plain facts have a healthy and honest. appeal.

But back at the ranch — and plain talk about Pearl. It is strange for a brewery to want plain talk about their product, but then I discovered they only intended to discuss which brewer spent the most time and money making beer. I was disappointed; I hoped for some plain talk about beer.

Why not talk plain about beers effect on the mind? A few years ago a beer company had a dispute with their trick drivers because the employees wanted to drink beer during their lunch hour. Plain talk now; do you think Pearl would want a truck driver who drinks on the job? Would Pearls promotion man fly with pilot who is drinking? Would Pearls president use a surgeon who drinks beer before operating? If it does not affect the thinking, judgement, and reflexes, why object?

Lets talk plain about the effects of beer in society. Consider the hungry and homeless children, the wrecked marriages, the people in prison, and those who have become useless bums because of that delicate brew. We put our money where your mouth is, Pearl says. Yes, and then we spend our tax dollars trying to pick up the pieces.

Remember the plain talk about beer and mans spiritual condition. Many will become drunks because of Pearl. And beer influences men to do many immoral things while under its influence. ...be not deceived: neither fornicators,.., nor thieves,.., nor drunkards,... shall inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Cor. 6:9, 10). Beer will cause many souls to be lost.

Plain talk? I doubt they intended to go this far. Joe Fitch.