Vol.VI No.V Pg.2
July 1969

Turning Again?

Robert F. Turner

Ask those who have experienced a conservative — liberal struggle in a congregation — usually to see the conservative minority put out of the church and property by conscience or by stomping and shouting — to explain how such a thing could happen among supposedly good people. The observant will tell you that (1) there had not been enough PLAIN teaching concerning church organization — teaching that not only established the principles, but made easily recognizable application to Herald of Truth, benevolent institutions, etc.; and (2) otherwise good people, who saw the truth and its application, were moral cowards who had rather accept error than speak up, knowing that this meant carnal persecution at the hands of the liberal majority.

These two reasons for triumph on the part of error are well known. But I either do not know, or can not understand the answer to a follow—up problem. How can brethren, having experienced these things, having been put out, with great difficulty and sacrifice having built anew—— how can they swallow a compromising position, accept lukewarm preaching that refuses to make application in PLAIN and FORCEFUL ways, and thus drift right back into the error from whence they were so recently freed??

Good sound churches are multiplying all over the country; many are growing in number and financial power. More important, there is much spiritual growth. But my enthusiasm is dampened by the knowledge of churches that are turning to their own vomit again. (How else can one put it, and honestly represent the fact. (2 Pet. 2 ) They countenance teaching that makes no specific application; they glory in association with those who teach and practice error — making no effort to teach them truth. (It is right to associate with erring brethren in frank, honest consideration of issues and studied efforts to attain unity in Gods truth.) They have begun to shy away from men of conviction who may embarrass them before their new liberal or compromising friends.

I want no part in establishing sectarian lines of conservatism, trying to hold our party in line so we can combat a liberal party. I firmly believe in the inherent power of truth to fight such battles as must be fought. But truth must have free course. Anything less than unshackled truth, clearly applied to the issue, is something less than truth.

The unapplied principles, and compromising middle-of-the-road attitude will wreck churches AGAIN.