Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 14, 1956


Sister G. A. Maddox

Memorial services were held for Sister G. A. Maddox of Sulphur Springs, Texas May 13, 1956 at Pine Forest, where Brother and Sister Maddox reared their family. Brother Clyde Shrode and the writer conducted the services.

Sister Maddox had lived to the ripe age of eighty four, the most of this time spent in the service of God in the church. Surviving her are three sons: Jesse Maddox and Roy Maddox of Sulphur Springs, and Clyde Maddox of Dallas; one daughter, Bessie Rettman of Edenburg, Texas, and her husband, Brother G. A. Maddox, a faithful minister of the gospel.

The extra large and beautiful floral offering and the immense throng of friends from over the county and other places spoke louder praise of her life than what we could say yet to me she had been a mother in Israel for more than forty years.

There were three hundred and thirty persons who passed by to view the body yet nothing like all of the people could get in the house. Sister Maddox was a living example of what Christianity can do for any one who has a deep enough faith that works by love. So far as I know and can say in truth I have never conducted the funeral services of a more perfect Christian than she — upon the things of Philippians 4:8 she thought and meditated in her heart and as she thought in her heart so was her life.

We can truthfully apply Revelation 14:13 to her-

.. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth; Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; for their works follow them."

— J. C. Foster M. F. Manchester, Comanche, Texas, May 3: "This is written that the brethren may know that I would like to make a change in locations after school is out, or this summer sometime. We are in our fifth year here, and have been planning to make a change this summer. Any church that might be interested may write me as above. The work goes well here. There have been additions since our last report. The Special Number of the Guardian was, and is, really fine. We hope it does much good."

S. E. Hastings, Route 1, Elnora, Indiana, May 3: "Elnora church is a small congregation in southern Indiana (farming area). The church building and a home for the minister are paid for. It is not possible for the Elnora church to support a preacher for full time work. If there is a high school teacher wanting to preach there are several openings in the high school at Elnora. If there is anyone interested in the conditions and needs here I will be glad to answer your inquiries. In fact, we would like to see all these vacancies filled with working Christians — preacher or not."

C. D. Plum, 4186 E. Main St., Columbus 13, Ohio, May 16: "At Grandview, Nashville, Tennessee May 6-13. Seven baptized, three restored. Brother Earl West Is a fine yoke-fellow. Another baptism here in Whitehall-Columbus, 4185 E. Main, (Route 40)."

J. C. Choate, Box 33, Belzoni, Mississippi, May 21: "I appreciate the many church bulletins that are coming my way. I trust that you brethren will keep them coming. As stated before, I am compiling some material for a book and the various bulletins will be very helpful."

Moyer-Phillips Debate

Lloyd Moyer of Richmond, California will meet T. W. (Tommy) Phillips, who preaches for the church in Carpentaria, California, in a discussion in the Santa Barbara church building, 2310 Chapala Street, June 12th through 15th. The propositions are as follows:

Prop. I. Such arrangements and cooperative efforts on the part of churches of Christ for the preaching of the Gospel and benevolent work as the Herald of Truth, Message of the Master for Millions; and 'Church of Christ Children's Home are contrary to New Testament teaching.

Affirms: Lloyd Moyer Denies: Tom Phillips

Prop. II. Such arrangements and cooperative efforts on the part of churches of Christ for the preaching of the Gospel and benevolent work as the Herald of Truth, Message of the Master for Millions; and Church of Christ Children's Home are in harmony with New Testament teaching."

Affirms: Tom Phillips Denies: Lloyd Moyer

Mack Kercheville, Box 3487, El Paso, Texas, May 17: "From May 2nd to May 11th, C. S. Zuniga of Carlsbad, New Mexico held a Gospel Meeting for the Mexican church in El Paso, Texas, in which three were baptized. Two others were baptized at the same congregation the two weeks preceding the meeting. Some additional monthly support is still needed for Alfred E. Wilson, who is working with me in the evangelization of the Spanish speaking people here on the border."

T. H. Tarbet, 91 Roberts St., Yarraville W-13 (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia, May 7: "The local postmaster was baptized last night, bringing the membership of this eight-'month old church to eleven."

Jesse F. Wiseman, 1449 Brown St., Akron 1, Ohio, May 18: "On May the 13th three were baptized into Christ and two were restored and identified with the Brown Street church."

W. E. Fortney, 162 Harrison. Clarksburg, West Virginia, May 24: "One baptized at Wileyville since last report."

R. L. Yancey, Box 61, Covington, Texas, May 28: "At our morning service yesterday a Baptist lady made the confession and was baptized at the evening service. Our meeting with Lloyd Frederick preaching will begin June 29th. All in reach are invited to attend."

Arnold Hardin, Lancaster, Texas, May 29: "The seventh year of work here is history. Among the responses there were twenty baptisms during the year. The eighth year starts well with several responses this week with two men being baptized. Recently one lady was baptized in a meeting in Summerville, Pennsylvania."

Floyd Embree, 610 E. La Deney Dr., Ontario, California, May 24: "Since the first of January there have been eleven baptized here and several identified and restored. Our work moves along nicely. Hoyt Houchen will be with us August 15-26 for a meeting."

J. C. Choate, Box 33, Belzoni, Mississippi, May 28: "I am now operating a book club, specializing in sermon outlines, sermons, and lectures. Send your name and address and receive the first club selection."