Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 11, 1955


Charles Elledge Hill, 2928 Dunford, Fort Worth, Texas, July 26: "We closed a very successful Vacation Bible School at the Mitchell Blvd. church on June 24. The daily average attendance was 290, which was some increase over the past year. Recently we have had additions to the local forces. Brother Tom Warren will do the preaching for our meeting, September 25 through October 2. I will be preaching in a meeting in Mercury, Texas, July 29 through August 7."

John Hill, Joshua, Texas, July 26: "Brother Luther Blackmon has just completed a meeting here. It was an excellent meeting with fine preaching and good attendance. There were two baptisms."

W. F. Mansur, 19551 Welby Way, Reseda, California, July 22: "The meeting in Velma, Oklahoma resulted in four baptisms. I started regular work with the church at 7054 Winnetka Avenue, Canoga Park, California, July 10. This is a good church with a fine eldership. I am to be in a meeting at Gore, Oklahoma, July 27 to August 4 and at Liberty, Arkansas, August 5-14." Please note change of address."

Charles F. House, P. O. Box 72164, Los Angeles, California: "Four were baptized into Christ, making a total of six baptized and three identified with the Lomita congregation since May 1. Since we are temporarily meeting in a rented store building, we are looking forward to the time we can start construction on our own meeting house. The church here recently purchased some lots for $6,000 but a need of around $2,000 exists before we can get a loan on the property to start construction. Pray for us brethren that God may be glorified at this place. When in the general Los Angeles area, worship with us. The GOSPEL GUARDIAN is truly THE great paper in the brotherhood. Long may it live."

Gorin Rutherford, 755 West 10th St., Loveland, Colorado, July 25: "One was baptized in the meeting just concluded with Luther G. Roberts doing the preaching. The Gateway Church of Christ of Borger, Texas, sent Brother Roberts to Loveland for this meeting. During five of the nine nights of the meeting, classes for teachers were conducted. The men were taught by Brother Roberts and the women were taught by Sister Roberts. One confessed sins and asked to be identified with the church in Loveland, Sunday, July 24. The church will conduct a Vacation Bible School August 1 through 5. The work of the Guardian is appreciated."

Paul C. Keller, Senatobia, Mississippi, June 25: "I am now in my third year of work with the Thyatira Church. Our work is moving along in a pleasant and encouraging way. We have recently conducted our second annual Teacher Training Course. We are now engaged in a Vacation Bible School with a good enrollment. Plans for our work during the next twelve months call for a twenty-five percent increase in expenditures over that of the preceding twelve month period. We have begun a thirty minute radio broadcast twice each month over station WBLE, Batesville. The church at Sardis conducts the program the other two Sundays, as well as a daily broadcast. H. F. Sharp is to preach in our meeting at Thyatira beginning July 24."

Jasper Hilliard, 211 Williams St., East Prairie, Missouri, June 25: "We had one restoration and one to place membership last Lord's Day. Wednesday evening we had one baptism. I will begin work with the church at Malden, Missouri, July 1. My new address will be 604 West Main St., Malden, Missouri."