Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 6, 1954
NUMBER 1, PAGE 13c-14


Robert A. Bolton, 2916 Deen Road, Fort Worth, Texas, April 28: "The work at Diamond Hill continues in a very fine way with one baptized, one restored, and seven placing membership recently. Any congregation within driving distance of Fort Worth needing a preacher to work with them a couple of Sundays a month or more might do well to contact us here, as we have in the Diamond Hill congregation a fine young gospel preacher desiring to be used in 'preaching the word.' My meeting with the 14th and Vine congregation in Abilene closed last Sunday night with one baptized, two restored, and four placing membership. My next meeting will be with Brother Clem Muse and the church in Sterling, Colorado, in July followed by meetings at Wray, Colorado, and Star, Texas, respectively. When in Fort Worth, worship with us at Diamond Hill."

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Ky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, Kentucky, April 19: "We closed a very enjoyable meeting at Benton, Kentucky, April 14, with twenty baptized and one restored. Brother B. L. Trevathan very capably directed the singing. Brother L E. Gamer is the local evangelist and worked faithfully for the meeting. One baptized, one restored, and one identified at Clements Street yesterday. I begin a meeting at Wyandotte, Michigan, May 2. Our local radio program continues to bear fruit. One baptized today as result."

Louis J. Sharp, Little Rock, Arkansas, April 22: "We have just closed a good meeting at the East Side congregation. Crowds and interest were good throughout. Six were added to our working force — one baptized, two restored, and three placed membership. We had new records in Bible school and regular services.' Among visiting out-of-town preachers were Roy E. Cogdill, Robert Farish, and H. F. Sharp. We were encouraged and feel the congregation has been strengthened. To our Saviour be all the praise and glory."

Robert C. Welch, 2230 Kaelin Ave., Louisville 5, Kentucky, April 20: "I have just returned from two meetings in Texas — Rocksprings, with one baptism; Pearsall, with six baptisms. The church in Pearsall is rather new and small, with possibly thirty members. However, they are a zealous group, and with these new additional members the prospects are very bright for a growing influential congregation. They own a small building which is even now inadequate. For the past year some of the neighboring congregations have been helping them support a preacher, Brother Cloyd Royal. Some of this support will be discontinued this year, but if they maintain a preacher this support is necessary. Some congregation with funds to be used in a cause with a bright future will' do well to get in contact with this congregation."

Ray Votaw, 316 Indiana Ave., South Houston, Texas, April 21: "On March 31st I closed a meeting with the church in Rising Star, Texas, where Brother Herschel McDonald labors. Two came out of the Baptist Church and were baptized into Christ. On April 18th I closed a meeting in Houme, Louisiana, with five responses, three baptized and two restored. Two of those baptized came out of denominationalism. The work progresses in a fine way in South Houston. Although I am having to be away a great deal of the time in behalf of my planned work in South Africa, contributions and attendance are at an all-time high. This speaks we'll for this congregation in not being 'preacher dependent.' Great things are ahead for God's people here and to Him be the glory."

Murray Marshall, 2711 Reagan, Dallas 19, Texas, April 24: "I have just returned from a good meeting with the North Side congregation in Vinita, Oklahoma. We had five baptisms and two restorations (from Christian Church). The zeal, friendliness and working harmony of this new congregation is inspiring. Sunday morning attendance records were broken with 200 present. The steadily increasing interest was climaxed in the closing service, when four came forward. At the baptismal service that followed, three more obeyed the gospel. The 10-day meeting was held in the county courthouse basement. the temporary meeting place for the congregation until they build, which they plan to do soon, on their lots in the north part of town. Preachers from nearby congregations who supported the meeting by the encouragement of their Presence were: E. R. Watson of Chelsea, L. M. Spenser of Cleora, Charles E. Parker of Miami, Lawrence 'Williams of Timber Hill. and Joe Pollard of Pryor. Their presence meant much to the meeting. Other visitors from these towns and other nearby congregations were present, too. E. R. Higgins, vice president of Central Christian College at nearby Bartlesville, preaches twice monthly for these good people, and under his fine preaching and that of L. M. Spenser and Lawrence Williams the church is making progress in the gospel. I learned to love this friendly, active, faithful church very much."

The Lord's Work Is Progressing In Canada

Herman Mason, Welland, Ontario

We are grateful to God that the work is beginning to show some progress in this section of the Lord's vineyard.

During the past few months Brother Roy E. Cogdill has held several gospel meetings throughout the southern part of Ontario. As a result two new congregations have been established after the New Testament order in the cities of Owen Sound and Welland. In Brantford, where a small congregation had already been worshipping, six new members were added during a meeting recently held in that city. A daily radio program is conducted five days a week in each of these places, and preachers have been placed in Owen Sound and Welland.

The writer is located at the present time in Welland, a city of 20,000 people, and interested especially in seeing the work progress in this area. The few members worshipping regularly at this place (ten in number) are very zealous and have "a mind to work." Besides the radio program a weekly letter is being sent into quite a number of homes with a short message from God's word. Weekly advertising is done through the local newspaper which has a circulation of about 14,000. The members invite their friends to the services in an endeavor to teach them the truth. We have on an average from 15 to 20 attending our Lord's Day morning services. We have had as many as 30 present Lord Day evening. Some of these are visitors from near-by congregations, but we have non-members present at every service including our mid-week Bible study. Last Lord's Day morning (April 11) there were six present who were not members of the Lord's church. This is indeed a ripe field that has never been harvested.

The brethren here are unable to fully support this work, but they are carrying their share of the financial burden, and even more. Outside support is being given, most of which comes from our Canadian brethren and churches, but more aid is needed in order to see the work carried on in a satisfactory manner. Our present need is a more suitable meeting place. At present we are meeting in one of the local hotels, but more adequate quarters must he obtained before too much can be accomplished. The brethren here have started a building fund, which already contains a considerable sum of money. due to the generosity of local members, who are anxious to spread the gospel in this area. We, however, need much more financial aid before a building can be erected. The brethren here are worthy of your help and any assistance that can be given will be put to a good use and will be greatly appreciated.

The congregation in Welland is operating on a scriptural basis. All funds are coming to this church direct, and handled by this congregation. Send your contributions to: Church of Christ, c/o Wm. H. Russell, 6 Maplewood Cr., Welland. Ontario. Canada.

We would be glad to have you contact Brother Cogdill regarding this work if information is desired from other sources.

M. C. Cuthbertson, P. O. Box 1001. Culver City. California, April 21: "The work at Culver Palms Church of Christ, here in Culver City. is doing well. Two restored, and eight by membership. with one being baptized recently. New records for all time in Sunday morning class work. Attendance and interest fine at all services. I begin a meeting, the Lord willing, in Redlands the 28th, to continue through the 9th of May. One was baptized recently at Central in Tong Beach, while we were there for the service during the absence of Dud Irvine, who is the regular preacher. Brother Claud Worley has helped them much for over a year and they are truly grateful. Brother Hoyt Houchen did good work in two meetings on the coast during the last few weeks."