Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 6, 1954

Moyer - Crawford Debate

Felix W. Tarbet, San Pablo, California

Brother Lloyd Moyer of Richmond, California, met Ernest Crawford, Missionary Baptist of McFarland, California, in a four night debate at Oroville, California, April 5-9. This scribe believes that much good was accomplished. Brother Moyer presented many unanswerable arguments, completely refuted Crawford's affirmative arguments, and exposed every dodge and quibble that Crawford made. Crawford is a fairly good debater. He knows Bogard's methods and arguments well. He made many of Bogard's arguments almost verbatim, even down to inserting his "Pshaws!" Once or twice, Crawford's conduct left a little to be desired, but Brother Moyer's perfect poise and ready wit shamed him into calming down and behaving himself. All in all, it was a good, clean debate that created a lot of good will. It left everyone in good humor, much better instructed in the scriptures, and in a frame of mind to engage in further discussions. Many people in that area, who were opposed to debates previously, expressed themselves as being convinced that debates are good for the cause of Christ, especially if carried on as this one was.

The questions discussed were the origin, name, doctrine and practice of the two groups involved. Brother Moyer depended on the scriptures as his proof of the propositions, but Crawford insisted on going into history and wanted to argue about the Greek. Brother Moyer insisted that he did not want to get into a wrangle over history or to go back into a language which the people in general knew nothing about. On Crawford's insistence, and to his sorrow, Brother Moyer made one brief excursion into those matters. This exposure of Crawford's sophistry had a telling effect on the audience.

Brethren who need to have the truth defended can call on Brother Lloyd Moyer with complete confidence that the truth will not suffer in his hands. In addition to that, his behavior will be such that you will have nothing to be ashamed of, or to live down afterwards.

Brother Forrest Moyer of San Rafael, California, moderated for his brother, and a Mr. Williams, pastor of the Baptist Church in Oroville, moderated for Crawford.