Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 4, 1954


M. C. Cuthbertson, Culver City, California, Jan. 13: "Beginning the 15th of January I am to begin work with the Culver Palms Church. Culver City, California. The decision was a very difficult one for us to make. The work at Country Club Road, Tucson. Arizona, has been a very fine work, and the best of feelings exist between. I consider it one of the best works that I have had part in. The elders and others came over from Culver City and asked the elders at Country Club Road to release us, in order that we might work with them. We are leaving with much regret in many ways; for we love and appreciate the church here. It presents a splendid opportunity for the one who comes to take my place. It is our prayer that we may be able to do the work in Culver City, that should he done. One hundred six have responded to the invitation during our 13 months work here. Of this number 42 have been baptized."

J. P. Lusby, Amarillo, Texas, Jan. 11: "I have a request from Brother Herbert H. Knight. a young gospel preacher in the army, stationed at Camp Pickett, Virginia, requesting me to send the following information to the Guardian: `The church here on post is moving along fine. We have about 70 members and all are in the army. I am doing the preaching for them most of the time. We have some wonderful boys here. The church is very weak in Virginia and there aren't very many of them at that. It would be a good place for mission work for someone interested. If anyone has relatives or friends stationed here who are members of the church who do not attend we can contact them if you will contact me at my address. His address is: Pvt. Herbert H. Knight. US 54139113. 6 D-8th MTh 2nd Regt., M.R.T.C., Camp Pickett, Virginia."

Olen Holderby, Coalinga, California, Jan. 14: "There have been five baptisms and three restorations in the church here the past few weeks. We continue with the best of interest and records in attendance. We, presently, are trying to do something about our over-crowded conditions. Two of these baptisms came from the Catholic church."

M. A. Mansur, 1405 Richardson, Columbia, Missouri, Jan. 12: "We rejoice in that last Lord's day we baptized another fine young man into Christ. We are glad to say that there has been a response to the gospel, by some precious soul, every Sunday this year. The interest is growing, as evidenced by a steady increase of attendance. Last Lord's day we had 104 people present. The congregation exceeded `budget requirements' for lost year; and we have had an average contribution for this year of $170.76. Will you please advise the brother who is advertising and offering a bonus for a scriptural church, that he may find it here at the Paris Road Church of Christ in Columbia. Brethren, pray for us that the work of the Lord may continue to prosper, and when in this area, come and worship with us."

J. David Taylor, Gould, Oklahoma, Jan. 15: "Three fine people — parents — obeyed their Lord by baptism here Wednesday night. This gives us great joy and we give God the glory."

J. T. Marlin, Sweetwater, Texas, Jan. 16: "There were two baptisms and one restoration at 4th and Elm Sunday. Recently I showed my latest film of the Bible Lands at Academy Street, Dickson, Tennessee; West End, Franklin, Tennessee: and 7th and College, Mayfield. Kentucky. It was a pleasure to be greeted by large audiences in these places where I have lived and worked."