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February 4, 1954

Texas Normal Singing School

Edgar Furr, Box 456, Sabinal, Texas

On June 6, 1954, Texas Normal Singing School will begin its ninth annual session. This little school was started in 1946 for the purpose of training song leaders for the churches of Christ and has served well its purpose from the beginning. Over the period of years it has been in operation, boys and men from seventeen states have been in attendance. The ages of those who have enrolled have ranged from age ten to about age sixty. Last year there were about eighty in all who were in attendance.

Out of the number who have come, many capable workers have gone forth to render service for the church. About thirty of the number decided to preach the gospel after coming to our program, and the majority of this number are working diligently at the task today. One of our number, Brother R. J. Smith, who came to us from Kermit, Texas, will be on his way to Germany to preach the gospel of Christ before this article goes to press. He is only one of our many fine boys. Many new songs have been written as a result of the work of our students. We have had calls for workers from various parts of the nation, the most recent from Brother A. R. Holton of Washington, D. C.

OUR COURSE OF STUDY consists of a complete study of hymn music: rudiments, harmony, composition, voice, sight-reading and the fundamentals of song leading. Our class work begins at 7:30 a.m. and runs until 4:00 p.m. with the usual number of recesses and lunch period. At night we sing from 8 p.m. until 9 p.m. The night singing attracts large audiences, giving the boys an audience to sing with.

OUR TEACHING STAFF consists of Brother Austin Taylor, who has been giving his full life to the gospel song field through the first half of the 20th century; Brother Holland Boring, Sr., a fine gospel preacher and one of our best teachers of hymn music today, and his two sons, Holland, Jr., and Don, both competent teachers. Brother Edgar Furr, well-known gospel preacher, teaches voice in the school, having had some fine training for this work. In part of the voice classes he is assisted by Brother Holland Boring, Jr., who has had excellent training in this field also.

OUR SONG BOOK THE "MAJESTIC HYMNAL" printed by the Firm Foundation is the official song book used in the school. The book contains a great number of new songs printed for the first time in 1953. Many of the new hymns were written by the teachers of our school and some were contributed by our friends and were placed in the book by the request of our faculty. The song services where this book is being used have created more interest and have shown a marked improvement. We have never been given to "conventional" singing.

OUR PHYSICAL PLANT consists of two dormitories, two teachers' cottages, one club mom, one dining hall and kitchen and three bath houses. The Sabinal church building is used as an educational plant and auditorium. Apartments and special arrangements are made in the homes of the church families of Sabinal to care for men who wish to bring the family to this program.

THE COMPLETE COST of instruction, meals, room and necessary medical attention is only $65.00 for the two-week program. Further information will be given upon request. If you desire to send in your enrollment, send all mail to Edgar Furr, 417 W. Dimmit St, Crystal City, Texas. To enroll, send your name and address and $5.00 deposit.