Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 24, 1953


Elmer Moore, Jr., Dayton, Texas, Aug. 10: "I moderated for a debate between Brother Thomas B. Warren of Fort Worth, Texas, and Mr. Hulon Myre (United Pentecostal) of Dequincy, Louisiana. The discussion was well attended. It was estimated that there were about six to eight hundred there each night. The biggest majority were Pentecostals. Perfect order was maintained throughout the discussion. Mr. Myre is the world's best in getting himself into blunders. I will mention a few so you will be able to see what I mean. (1) He admitted the need for Holy Spirit baptism had ceased yet contended for it. (2) He admitted that Luke 24:44-49 referred to the apostles, but tried to make it refer in Acts 2 to many besides the apostles. (3) Said that ALL Jerusalem and ALL Judea were baptized of John, and ALL were baptized of Jesus in the Holy Spirit — yet John called them a generation of vipers. (4) Admitted that a believer in Christ can be made by the written record of signs. (5) He admitted that tongues were to cease when that which is perfect is come — then admitted that the Word was perfect. (6) Denied that Jesus was the administrator of Holy Spirit baptism in direct violation to John 1:33, and Matt. 3:11. One time said that Holy Spirit baptism was received directly and later said it was received indirectly, i.e., through the laying on of the apostles hands. (7) Argued that Cornelius was saved before Holy Spirit baptism — after saying that it took both water and Spirit baptism to put one into Christ, hence saved out of Christ. (8) In answering questions said that Holy Spirit baptism was necessary to salvation, then said it came later as a comforter AFTER one is saved. (9) Admitted that the apostles used their power only as the will of God directed — and admitted purpose was to reveal and confirm the Word. He then said that the Word had been revealed and confirmed. These are just a few of the many such blunders Mr. Myre made, of which there were 32 in his first 30 minute speech. That is why I said he was the world's best. Mr. Myre repeatedly remarked that the Godhead question was his "Sugar Stick," yet he would not sign a proposition to debate it. Brother Warren was the master of the situation throughout the debate. Brethren much good will come from such discussions. I am to meet Mr. J. M. Wallace of Florida (UP) in Dayton, Texas, Oct. 6-9. The Baptism question will be discussed the first two nights and Holy Spirit and Miracles the last two nights."

The Work At Saskatoon, Canada

Frank Reeder, Sta. A.C.C., Box 605, Abilene, Texas: "During August I visited the church in Saskatoon, Sask., Canada. I spoke at the Wednesday night service, Aug. 19, to a larger audience than I had expected. Two were baptized that night. One, however, was a lady who had been baptized before, but was in doubt as to the validity of her previous baptism. The church there is growing. They are working. Alvin Jennings is preaching for them, and he is working hard. The meeting house is finished on the outside only. They owe more than five thousand dollars on it and the note is due about the first of October. They had something over sixteen hundred dollars to pay on it. I believe that that would be a good place for some who want to do mission work to send money. The address is: Church of Christ, Box 1023, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada. If each one who reads this and is acquainted with Alvin Jennings or the work there, would send one dollar (or much more if you prefer and have it to send) it will help considerably. On Aug. 12th I spoke at the Wednesday night services of the church at Comanche, Texas, to a much larger audience than I had expected. I worshipped with the church there for several years. It was good to be back with the brethren there. Brother Manchester preaches for them and the church is growing."

Joe H. Morris, Center, Kentucky, Sept. 14: "We closed one of the greatest meetings in the history of the Clements St. church last night. Roy E. Cogdill did the preaching and Brother C. M. Leneave directed the singing. Brother Cogdill is truly giving the world what it needs to hear. His preaching was true and powerful. Crowds overflowed and three were baptized. I am in a promising meeting here at Center, Kentucky, with good attendance. The work at Clements St. in Paducah goes well."

WARREN - NIXON DEBATE CANCELLED Thomas B. Warren, 5000 Doyle, Fort Worth, Texas, Sept. 15: "My scheduled debate with Isaac Nixon, Baptist, has been cancelled due to Mr. Nixon's ill health. He was to affirm that the Baptist Church is the only Scriptural church, and I the same for the church of Christ. It came about as a direct result of the tract, To Our Baptist Friends, by A. G. Hobbs, Jr. This tract will do good! The debate was to have been held in the meeting house of the Handley congregation here in Fort Worth."

Paul C. Keller, Thyatira, Mississippi: "My health has improved to the extent that I am again able to do full time work. For the past two years I have lived at my former home — Otwell, Arkansas — and preached at Nettleton as my health permitted. During that time the church built a new building in which to meet. I had the privilege of preaching in it my last Sunday with the brethren there. On June 15 I moved to Thyatira, Mississippi, to begin work with the church here. Thus far the work with the Thyatira church has been most pleasant. My health has shown enough improvement that I have been able to hold three meetings this year: Crossville, Illinois; Wheeling, Arkansas; County Line, near Jonesboro, Arkansas. I trust that I will be able to increase this number and hold my normal amount next year."

Floyd Embree, 610 E. LaDeney Dr., Ontario, California, Sept. 11: "September marked the end of three years labor with the church in Artesia, New Mexico, during which time about 200 were baptized. I began here Sept. 6 and from all appearances this will be a very enjoyable and profitable work. One was baptized at the end of the Ladies Bible Class last Monday evening. Brother Robert A. Waller follows me in Artesia. Brother Waller has worked with this congregation before and is loved by the community. With the eldership and the membership that they are, Artesia should continue to do a good work. The elders in Artesia backed me in preaching and contending for the truth, and I have every reason to believe that the elders here in Ontario will do likewise."

Leslie Diestelkamp, 3421 Aldrich Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sept. 12: "This summer I preached in two mission meetings — one at Montecello, Minn., where there are only two members, and one at Vienna, Mo., where we baptized five and where a new congregation will now start with about 26 members and a new building. Other meetings were at Alder Springs (two baptisms) and Smyrna (six baptisms), both in Missouri. One man was baptized here in Minneapolis last Sunday."

Sidney Astin, Box 5183, Raleigh, North Carolina, Sept. 3: "August 9-19 I was with the church in Macon, Mississippi, for a meeting. There were three baptisms in this meeting and many heard the gospel for the first time. Brother Theo N. Kirkland has done a fine work with this group in Macon. I began work here in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Aug. 1st. This is the home of North Carolina State College. The church building is located about seven blocks from the college on the corner of Brooks Ave. and Rosedale. We would he glad to contact any student enrolling in the college and do all we can to help them while they are here. Send us their names. Also, if you know of members of the church in Raleigh that we should contact please let us know. The congregation has a nice building and at the present numbers around 60-65. Three have placed membership with us in the last three weeks."

Hoyt H. Houchen, 1403 Hicks, San Antonio, Texas, Sept. 17: "Since beginning work with the Highland church, 1226 Highland Blvd., here in San Antonio, there has been eighteen additions: eight baptisms, two restorations, and eight transfers of membership. Recently two more elders were added, giving us a total of eight. The names of eleven men are now before the congregation for deacons, these to be added to the seven who are now serving. My new book, "Sermons Inside and Out," a book of sermon outlines which I am compiling, will be ready for the press soon. We are enjoying a very pleasant work here at Highland. When coming our way, visit us."