Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 24, 1953

The Overflow

— F. Y. T.

Christ Or Chinchillas?

Has the chinchilla craze struck your part of the country yet? Here in Texas it is catching like the itch in a country school. Some gospel preachers have become such maniacs on the subject that brethren are saying of them it would be no surprise to hear one of them say some Sunday morning that sinners should "Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ and buy a pair of chinchillas unto the remission of your sins; and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." We even hear of one brother who has advertised chinchillas on the same letterhead in which he lists himself as a Bible teacher in a Christian college.

Albany, Georgia

Remember a couple of years ago when we ran a little item on this page about the sign near Albany, Georgia, which read, "Church of Christ, Eager and Slappy, Welcomes You"? Well, they've changed it now to read, "Church of Christ, Eager Street and Slappy Drive, Welcomes You."

"Church Of Christ Hamburgers"

Some of the brethren keep insisting that "the church can contribute to anything the Christian can contribute to," and are busy promoting "Church of Christ" camps, "Church of Christ" ball teams, "Church of Christ" youth centers, etc. Our good friend, Paul Brock of Bradenton, Florida, sends us information that a road-side ice cream stand near Perry, Florida, has an attractive sign out front reading, "Church of God Snow-Balls." Now who will be the first enterprising brother to start advertising "Church of Christ Hamburgers"?

Dick Smith

A recent letter from Dick Smith informs us that he is postponing his return to Germany, and will take some special work at the University of Texas in further preparation for his work in Germany. Since he has agreed not to return to Karlsruhe, there is no immediate urgency about his going back. He hopes a little later to secure support which will enable him to go to Germany and establish a congregation over there which will be after the New Testament order — self governing, and not controlled by any American eldership.

Sermon Illustrations

Have you seen the new book "6000 Windows For Sermons" by Elon Foster? It is one of the best sources we've seen for material of this kind, and will be very helpful to brethren who use such books. We have it in stock now for $5.95.

Change Of Address

Brother W. W. Otey writes us that he is changing his residence from Belle Plaine to 315 East 7th, Winfield, Kansas. This will bring him near to his daughter, who can assist when needed in caring for Sister Otey whose health has deteriorated somewhat this past year. Brother Otey, in his eighty-seventh year, heard a rumor a while back that he was "getting old." He says he plans to give that bit of gossip the same treatment he has always recommended that gospel preachers accord rumors about themselves — he plans to live it down!

"Lighted Window"

Brother Daniel I. Hiler of Dilley, Texas, sends us some clippings telling of churches with freakish names. Seems the inventiveness of man really outshines itself when it comes to naming Pullman cars, race-horses, show dogs, and churches. Among the list he sends, we see one called, "The Church of the Lighted Window." Now, if they are going to start naming churches for architectural features of the building, we know a Catholic church in Denver, Colorado, that will have one beauty of a name: it has two huge spires, each tipped with a cross. What could be more appropriate than: "The Church of the Double-Cross!"

Tice Elkins' Books

We have recently secured a limited supply of a fine group of books and tracts of Brother Tice Elkins. "The Soul of Man" (75c), "Hobbyism Exposed" (35c), and "Acceptable Worship" (35c) ought to be in the library of every gospel preacher and every serious student of the Bible in the land. Those who know Brother Elkins will need no commendation of the books; those who are not familiar with his works will do yourselves a favor by ordering these now available.

From Canada Brother Alvin Jennings or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, writes, "James D. Tullock of Arborfield, Sask., came to Saskatoon to be immersed into his Lord. He stated before the congregation that he had been reading his New Testament all his life, and had failed thus far to hear anyone preach it as he read it for himself. He had never seen a person immersed, though he is 82 years of age. We have been much encouraged by his intelligent correspondence in recent months, and especially by his coming these 230 miles to be baptized into Christ."

In Need Of Help

"It is my desire to go to the Union of South Africa to preach the gospel. I do not seek a church to 'sponsor' me, but I do need some help. I would like to find one congregation which will 'send once and again' to my need; or, failing in that, several smaller churches which will be willing to send their support to me, with me being under the direction of the elders of one church. I am 26 years old, married, and with two children. I have been preaching since I was converted five years ago. I graduated from David Lipscomb College in 1951." (Signed) Forrest Rhoads, 304 Dollar Street, Princeton, Kentucky.


We've been particularly gratified these past few weeks by a healthy and encouraging increase in our renewals and new subscriptions. We thank you, one and all. The Gospel Guardian is truly needed in our day; it has a niche to fill that is all its own; a work to do that other and older journals are not doing. We are grateful for all the help you can give in increasing our reading family.


When this issue hits the mail-sacks, the editor will be in a meeting at Tarrant, Alabama, (September 20- 27) ; then to Hickory, North Carolina, for meetings at Hickory, Corinth, and Abilene; after which he will return to Lufkin for the winter. This will be the first winter "at home" since 1947-48.