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March 19, 1953

Letter From Broadway (Lubbock) Elders

(Editor's Note: This is a copy of a letter sent by the elders of the Broadway Church of Christ to various workers in Germany.)

BROADWAY CHURCH OF CHRIST M. Norvel Young, Minister Broadway at Avenue T Lubbock, Texas September 4, 1952 Brother Of course, you all know, the elders here have nothing to say about the congregational affairs of any of the congregations in Germany, even the ones in Frankfurt, but these matters are handled by the men of the church and the evangelists working with them. However there are some parts of the work being done in Germany that we do consider to be our responsibility, being, the work of this church together with the cooperation of others that are helping supply the money. These projects include the operation of the Training School in Frankfurt, the radio program, printing of the monthly paper and tracts, the tents and equipment and any other projects that are financed with money that we receive from various churches in America. Since it is not practical for us to make-the day-to-day decisions in regard to these matters, we choose to select a committee of the missionaries who will decide such details in regard to them. Previously we have had two committees, one for the Training School, and another for the other projects. However, we prefer to consolidate these and have only one committee to handle all the matters we are responsible for, and we hereby ask the following brethren to serve on this committee:

Otis Gatewood Weldon Bennett Richard Walker - Any who are working in the school or any of the above-described projects are asked to cooperate with these brethren.

In Christian love, PAUL SHERROD For the Elders PS/tm