Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 19, 1953

Letter From Germany -- No. 2

Dick Smith, Karlsruhe, Germany

Karlsruhe, Germany February 28, 1953 Another slight clarification, has arrived from Grove Avenue confirming my suspicions. They have at last come out and said it. Here is their letter of February 22:

"We have learned, in a round-about way, of your position with reference to the work at Frankfurt. We support that work also, and now find ourselves supporting a work which you oppose, thus, in effect, placing us in the position of opposing a portion of our own work. While we do not want you to violate your conscience, we cannot continue in that position, and therefore do not wish to be obligated to continue your support. We feel that you should return for a discussion of the work, and that your family should accompany you by ship so that it will not be necessary for you to return for them should we not continue your support."

Where they got their information I don't know. Could have been a hundred ways. I haven't tried to keep it a secret. I have corresponded in detail about the problem with the preacher at Grove Avenue since last November. However, in the above paragraph it is quite interesting to note the following: They speak of me as being opposed to "the work at Frankfurt." There are four German congregations there and each supposed to be completely separate from the other. What I oppose is the digressive turn of the Westend church where Otis and all have their school with their huge expensive new buildings. However, the American preachers who work with the other three churches all teach in the school so there is this connection. All the churches, their buildings, etc., are tangled up with Lubbock in one way or another, so one might say I oppose this. Their wording seems to take it for granted that all the work at Frankfurt is to be considered as one effort. That's thinking in terms of centralization alright.

The "Support" for Frankfurt they refer to is $600.00 which they sent to take care of one student for a year. Oddly enough the school has just about run out of students. They come there all full of zeal and after awhile tell you that it seems too much like a big business firm rather than anything else. It's getting to be a transplanted piece of Broadway. And what else could one expect?

I have written Grove Avenue that I'm thoroughly convinced that their decision to discontinue supporting us should be carried through and requested them to bear with us for several months till other arrangements can be made.

Have recently read "Living Issues" and think it a fine piece of work. Brother Otey's spirit of pointing out the error is fine and I have to agree with his conclusions. I just wish I had seen the point three years ago. Praying the Lord to forgive us for the mistakes we've made we're pressing on trying to profit by them and warn others.

Yours for Christ, Dick Smith