Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 4, 1952

Chico California Calls

G. K. Wallace, Wichita, Kansas

Chico needs help. The call is worthy too.

Chico, California, located in the northern part of California is one of the best towns in that section. Twenty five thousand people live in this beautiful city and only a few Christians are to be numbered among the people of Chico. The region around Chico is rich and prosperous. There are many fine farms including grain, nuts, fruit and dairy farms. There is also a large lumber industry and Chico is the almond capitol of the world.

The church in Chico had its beginning in January, 1951, with a few members. Today about one hundred people meet each Lord's day in a rented building. In February, 1951, when this small congregation was one month old, brother Fletcher Cauthen and his good wife moved from Abilene Christian College to Chico to work with these brethren. Brother Cauthen has worked long and hard and has done one of the finest jobs in a mission field that I have observed. The congregations in Sacramento, Yuba City, Oroville, Orland, have helped and encouraged this work. The Highland Avenue church in Montgomery, Alabama, is sending seventy-five dollars per month to assist in this work.

The need for help here is still great. Brother Cauthen is now serving as "grease monkey" in a local auto shop to make a living for his family while he labors with the church here. Most of the help sent by those outside has been used to pay rent, advertise, spread literature and preach the gospel over the local radio station thirty minutes on Sunday mornings. Brother Cauthen needs at least fifty dollars per week more for personal support so that he might devote all of his time to the work of the Lord. He receives partial support from the church here.

It is hoped by this writer that some good congregation will become interested in this fine work and help with the Lord's work in Chico. Why not write brother Fletcher Cauthen, 462 East Third Street, Chico, California, and ask him to appear before the church in your community and present the needs and tell of the opportunity in northern California. There are many towns near Chico with a population of two or three thousand souls where there is no church of Christ.

Many who now attend the services of the church in Chico are not members and some of them are young in the faith. There are many people in this section afflicted with every hobby that is known among the brethren. It is so needful that a strong man like brother Cauthen be kept in such a needy field.

Chico offers a rare opportunity for service and may God help some congregation to help with this work in northern California.

I recently spent ten days preaching for the small group in Chico and was greatly impressed by their faith and zeal.