Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 4, 1952
NUMBER 18, PAGE 4-5a

Back To School


School bells are ringing. Thousands of children are crowding back into the school rooms; millions of dollars are being spent to equip and maintain these schools. The citizens of the nation are determined that the coming generation shall have every opportunity to be prepared and fitted for worthwhile living. An education is a "must" on the list of things for our children.

But what about the way of living and the goal for which the children are being prepared? How blind those parents are who insist on a child learning how to make a living, but fail to give him any help or instruction as to the things for which he is to lives He may be able to make a living, all right, but he is not able to make a LIFE. And the living, even though it be measured in terms of super abundance, is vain and futile without the real aim or goal of life toward which we all as Christians are striving.

It is unfair to the point of being vicious for any parent to deny his child any of the spiritual and moral training which it is possible for him to provide. The parent who fails to bring his child to Bible school is a parent who is lacking in a sense of moral responsibility. Likewise, we give it as our opinion, (having had considerable experience in both) that the parent who chooses a state supported college for a son or daughter in preference to one operated by Christians is sadly unacquainted with the comparative influence of the two kinds of schools. There may be exceptions, of course, but for the average student a college operated by Christian men is incomparably better in its moral atmosphere than is the state school.

Do you love your child? Then be fair to him. See to it that he is not only taught how to make a living, but, far more important, that he is taught how to make a LIFE. No amount of silver or gold can ever compensate for the lack of religious instruction. All his earthly life — not to mention eternity — he will be handicapped by such a failure and such spiritual starvation during his formative years.

Our children are our most priceless treasure; let us not jeopardize their earthly happiness and their eternal home by a failure to give them the religious instruction, and the Christian environment, to which they have a right.