Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 14, 1951

The Overflow


Will It Help The Devil?

Brother Jimmy Lovell declares that he is going to publish nothing in his newspaper unless, among other requirements, it will "help the one about whom it is written, as well as the reader.' Which leads our friend. Floyd Thompson, in whimsical mood, to wonder what Jimmy will do if somebody sends him an article about the devil! Will he refuse to publish the article on the basis of its not helping Satan, or, on the other hand: will he accept it and publish it in the firm belief that in so doing he is lending a helping hand to the Old Scratch? Alas, alas, the problems of being an editor...

Book Reviews

In keeping with our desire to make this journal as serviceable as possible, we inaugurate next week a regular semi-monthly "Book Review" column, to be written by Earl West of Indianapolis. We will have more to say about that next week.


We get scores of manuscripts. About three out of every four of them are fastened together with a staple. Which means we have to dig the staple out, and usually tear the pages in doing so. Use clips, please, not staples.

Removing An Elder

"There is no rule given for removing an elder, different from those given for dealing with other members, further than his age and character entitled him to a little more consideration. An elder that does wrong should be warned and entreated: and if he does not repent, the brethren should ignore him as an elder, and, if necessary, try him as any other member is dealt with. In all these trials, fair and judicious men capable of judging of right and wrong should be selected to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused."

— David Lipscomb, (G.A. 1904)

Arkansas Preacher

Brother Franklin T. Puckett, for several years preacher for the West End Church in Atlanta, Georgia, has now moved to Calico Rock, Arkansas, and will devote all his time to holding meetings. You don't need to put any street address, zone number, or post office box number on letters addressed to him at Calico Rock.

Tract On "Childhaven'

Brother John T. Lewis of Endsley, Alabama, has written a thirty-six page tract on "Childhaven,' the mammoth orphanage institution some of the brethren are promoting over in Alabama Brother Lewis' tract is for free distribution, and can be had for the asking If you want to send any kind of donation to help in the printing bill, he will be glad to receive it; but he emphasizes that the tract is not for sale. Brother Lewis' address is 1604 - 30th St., Birmingham, Ala. The tract was originally published as a series of eight articles in the Steel City Star. One of these articles has been re-published in the Gospel Guardian.

A Review Of The Tract?

Brother Lewis has asked brother G. C. Brewer to review his tract, but we have no information at this writing as to whether the review will be made or not. Brother Lewis asked for brother Brewer's review in these words: "I had rather have you to review my tract than any brother I know because we were schoolmates, and I am sure you will admit that you are not only a logician; but yours is the keenest analytical mind in the brotherhood today. You can split an infinitive. However, my mind is so obtuse, I cannot always tell what side you are on after you have split the thing.'

Who's Been Listening To?

Roy E. Stephens of Burnet, Texas, clipped this little verse from somewhere and sent it to us:

"By the preacher perplext, How shall we determine?

`Watch and pray,' says the text;

`Go to sleep,' says the sermon.'

A Temple To The "Moon God'

India, facing a disastrous famine, and piteously begging (and receiving) thousands of tons of wheat from the United States, has just dedicated an ornate $4,200,000.00 temple to the "Moon God.' Chief object of veneration is a monstrous phallic block honoring the god of fertility and reproduction. Scholars believe this worship of the "Moon God' is the same degraded, obscene deification of sex, with all the vicious sex orgies under the guise of "worship' which brought God's wrath upon the ancient Canaanite nations. And this in the twentieth century!

Why Publish It?

A few of our readers probably read Gospel Broadcast, and saw in it last month Clarence C. Gobbel's bitter tirade against the Gospel Guardian—her editor, publisher, and writers. You may wonder why, after such an unfair and unbrotherly attack (in which he accused us all of preaching only for the money in it!), we would publish an article from him, or even extend him the courtesy of carrying a report from him in the Guardian. We publish his article for these reasons: (1) brother Gobbel sent it to us for publication; (2) it is a good article; (3) we do not entertain toward any brother in Christ the bilious, moping animosity he seems to feel for us (we couldn't sleep with so much bile in our system); and (4) we never accept nor reject, any article merely on the basis of whether its author does, or does not, like the Guardian.

Are You "Sound?"

We see where a Kentucky congregation runs an ad in the Firm Foundation saying they need a preacher, and would be glad to receive "applications' from any brother who is "sound.' If any of you gospel preachers who read this have irrefutable evidence that you are not sound, you need not apply!