Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 29, 1951

National Broadcast Proposed

James W. Nichols, Abilene, Texas

Many have asked through the years, "Why do the churches of Christ not have a nation wide radio program"? Now, an unusual opportunity opens the way that we might have a network program. The Herald of Truth radio program now being broadcast over six stations in four states have been offered time by Mutual Network as well as two other networks. Several Mutual executives recently heard some broadcasts of the Herald of Truth and immediately offered the use of their 533 stations at a price possible for the churches of Christ to accept.

This program, with James W. Nichols and James D. Willeford as speakers, is under the supervision of the Highland Church of Christ, Abilene, Texas. The program has been acclaimed by both preachers and radio men as outstanding. It is evangelistic in nature with singing under the direction of Leonard Burford.

The elders of Highland are accepting this mutual offer conditionally and are simply asking sister congregations to help. Plans are being made to begin the broadcasts on January 1, if funds can be assured. The cost will be an average of $12.50 per station per week. This is a tremendous undertaking, which opportunity necessitates the immediate action of the congregations throughout the nation.

Highland is asking the churches of Christ throughout the brotherhood to contribute as liberally as possible with the hope that the larger congregations will put $1,000.00 or more in their budget for 1952.

Research has found that the cost of broadcasting this network program over the 533 mutual stations is only 43.72 percent of the rate for the stations if 533 congregations bought the time individually. However, in some instances, congregations can obtain the time at a discount. If the local congregation could receive as much as 85 percent discount, we could still produce the network program for a third less. The Highland congregation is requesting that the elders of other churches meet at once and discuss this opportunity and notify Highland as to what they will be willing to do to help make this nation wide program a reality. P. S. Kendrick has been appointed treasurer of this radio work, and all contributions will be promptly acknowledged. The elders of Highland invite any questions or suggestions concerning the work. All correspondence should be sent to Box 1264, Abilene, Texas.