Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 1, 1951

- - - News - - -

F. B. Shepherd, Box 886, Sweetwater, Texas, Oct. 28: "The meeting at Wewoka, Okla., was an unusually enjoyable period. Fine cooperation and encouraging spirit manifested by all. Mordell Lynch, their local evangelist, was particularly helpful. Five were immersed. Began with the Pine Street church in Florence, Ala., last Wednesday. Morning services at Mars Hill Bible School Chapel. Seven immersed here to date."


Elton D. Dilbeck, Pulaski Heights Station, Box 6, Little Rock, Ark., Oct. 23: "Horace W. Busby was with us in a meeting from Oct 7-16. R. J. Richardson, local song director, was in charge of the song services. Both men did their work in a commendable way. Three were baptized and one placed membership with us. Another was baptized last Sunday. I am scheduled to be with the Capitol Hill church in Oklahoma City from Nov. 8-18. The next meeting at the Heights church will be with H. A. Dixon during the first part of April."


Chas. Degenhart, Jr., Rt. 2, Box 136-C, Dinuba, Calif., Oct. 19: "Three have placed membership here since we began local work on Sept. 23. This church has a fine new modern plant in one of the best locations I have ever seen, on College Ave. and Magnolia Way, across from the local high school and near the library and city hall. We anticipate a good work here. Our son, Chas. Degenhart, III, is serving Central in San Diego (where we formerly labored for five years) as preacher until their selection of evangelists is located there. If you have sons or daughters in the service who are stationed there send him their names and addresses. His address is 1328 Hoover, National City, Calif. Direct them to attend at Central for they will like that congregation for their friendliness and firm stand for the truth."

Outstanding Lectureship To Be Presented By Graford Church

Lloyd Frederick, Graford, Texas An outstanding lecture program will be presented by the Graford Church of Christ on the evenings of November 5th through the 10th. We believe that no more interesting subjects nor outstanding speakers could have been selected. Graford is located between Fort Worth and Abilene as the gateway to Possum Kingdom Lake. Large crowds from throughout this section are expected to attend. The series is made up of related subjects and you are invited to not miss a one. Services will begin each evening at 7:00. The Boles Home Chorus will also present a program at the close of the service on Saturday evening. Below is the program to be presented:

Monday — "The Establishment of the Church" — Weslie Mickey, Minister, Northside Church of Christ, Fort Worth, Texas.

Tuesday — "The Apostasy of the Church" — Joe Malone, Minister, West Berry Church of Christ, Fort, Worth, Texas.

Wednesday — "The Great Restoration" — E. R. Harper, Minister, Highland Church of Christ, Abilene, Texas.

Thursday — "Dangers Confronting the Church Today"

Reuel Lemmons, Minister, Central Church of Christ, Cleburne, Texas.

Friday — "Identifying the Church in the Midst of Denominationalism" — Leroy Brownlow, Minister, Polytechnic Church of Christ, Fort Worth, Texas.

Saturday — "The Mission of the Church" — Gayle Oler, Superintendent, Boles Home, Quinlan, Texas.