Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 1, 1951

"Thy Speech Betrayeth Thee"

A. C. Williams, Parsons, Kansas

Thy blatant speech betrayeth thee Thy great swelling words puff up rather than build up. Jude 6.

Thy railing words reveal rebellion rather than respect. Jude 6.

Thine atheistic speech betrayeth thee.

Thy foolish words deny that God is. Psa. 14:1.

Thy doubting speech betrayeth thee.

Thy boasting skepticism denies Christ's resurrection. John 20:25.

Thy worldly-wise speculation reveal a darkened heart of unbelief. Matt. 22:28-29.

Thy premillennial speech betrayeth thee.

Thou needest too many words to explain thyself.

Thou burnest with zeal to promote thyself.

Thou scornest open investigation that might expose thy theories.

Thou runnest with the Lords sheep to disguise thyself.

Thy delinquent speech betrayeth thee.

Thine excuseless excuses try to excuse thy lack of attendance.

Thy plea of poverty seeks to justify thy parsimony.

Thine institutional speech betrayeth thee.

Thou lovest thine alma mater more than thy Heavenly Father.

Thou art more concerned with academic accumulation than gospel revelation.

Thou art more concerned with diction than doctrine.

Thou art more concerned with "approach" than with "arrival."

Thou holdest supreme in thy comradeship those who "went to school" with thee.

Thy presumptuous speech betrayeth thee.

Thou art always demanding, "Where has God said, 'You can't'?"

Thou art always insisting, "We like it, hence it must be right"