Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 3, 1951

Impressions At Bartlesville

G. K. Wallace, Wichita, Kansas

It was my pleasure to attend and have part in the lecture program recently at Central Christian College. It was refreshing to hear the excellent program provided and to see the large number of brethren who gathered for these special meetings. Central Christian College is off to a good start, and we believe this school is worthy of the support and encouragement of brethren everywhere.

The school is located near Bartlesville, Oklahoma, on a tract of land consisting of 150 acres. Perhaps a more beautiful campus could not be found for such a school. There are several nice buildings on the campus one of which is a luxurious mansion containing 32 rooms that is now being used to further Christian education. The new girls dormitory is one of the nicest to be found. We are glad that Central Christian College has this modern, fireproof girls home. The equipment, including other buildings not mentioned, is of excellent quality and facilitates this work.

Central Christian College is especially to be commended because it in no way tries to form a connection with the church. Brother Wilson and all associated with him know the difference between the church and a school. Brother Wilson clearly states that the "aim of Central Christian College is to furnish young people a liberal arts education on the junior college level with additional courses in Bible, Business Administration and Home Economics.

Above all that it will teach them to be honorable upright Christian citizens." Let the church do the work of the church; let the school do the work of the school. If it is the work of the church let the church do it; if it is not the work of the church let the church stay out of it. To these principles the Board of Trustees and brother Wilson, the president of the school, are thoroughly committed.

The faculty of Central Christian College is composed of a fine group of Christian men and women who are well prepared for their tasks. They hold degrees which vary from the lowest to the highest. In spite of this there is no pride found among them. You do not hear these professors or the students going about the campus or in their chapel services referring to one teacher as "Bachelor," another as "Master," or another as "Doctor." The spirit of Christian humility is an outstanding characteristic among this fine group of leaders. Personally, I have often wondered why it is that we call one man "Doctor" when he has just a few more hours of school work than another, and at the same time we don't go about calling some man with a Bachelor degree "Bachelor So and So." How would it sound to introduce the faculty after this fashion? This is Bachelor Jones, Master Smith, and Doctor Brown? It is refreshing to visit the campus of a school where this spirit of humility is ever manifested.

Central Christian College needs the help and support of brethren who are interested in Christian education. Certainly any father or mother will do well to place their son or daughter in this school where they may get an education under Christian influence.