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May 3, 1951
NUMBER 1, PAGE 10-11a

Teacher Aids

Marian White, St. Petersburg, Florida

(Editor's Note: This monthly column is designed to aid the Bible teacher. It will discuss methods in teaching, teaching problems, simplified handwork suggestions, ways to increase class interest and other related subjects. It will also act as an idea exchange for teachers who wish to submit helpful suggestions and ideas. Letters must be brief. All letters will be edited. Address all communications for this column to the above address.)

Selecting Teachers

Teaching is a job. Teaching the Bible is a harder job because the textbook is the word of God. The teacher must realize that he stands justified or condemned by what he says and does. A congregation must select teachers who are scripturally sound and qualified to teach.

A good teacher possesses three qualifications. He (or she) likes to teach, he likes people, and he knows his subject and how to present it. Knowledge of the Bible is not enough to make a good teacher. The teacher must be able to impart that knowledge.

The first thing a would-be-teacher should decide is what age he is best fitted to teach. Then he should visit such a class for a reasonable length of time to observe teaching methods and the handling of discipline. In large classes, he can gain valuable experience as an assistant teacher. He can practice teaching as a substitute, as a teacher in a vacation Bible school or as a fill-in during the vacation months.

After he has observed and taught under the regular teacher, he should ask for a class of his own. Most congregations have a shortage of teachers or need to divide a large class into two groups. Oftentimes there is a need for a children's class at midweek service. Sometimes it is advisable to solve discipline problems by dividing a class. In a certain class one teacher, took the girls and taught them a course in heroines while another teacher took the boys (a very active group) and helped them erect a model tabernacle as they studied ifs structure and types.

The older age classes should have men teachers. The younger age classes, where handwork is a valuable method of teaching, respond better to women teachers than to men who usually do not like to direct handwork.

Teaching the word of God is so important that each congregation should select its teachers carefully and prayerfully.

The Substitute Teacher

There should be a substitute teacher for every regular teacher. It is unfair to ask a class to hear an unprepared lesson and likewise unfair to ask someone at the last minute to try to teach a lesson he has not studied.

To avoid this, the regular teacher and the substitute should work out a lesson together: and, after the substitute has studied it, the outline should be left in the classroom for ready use. It is better to have a well prepared lesson that is not related to the regular series of lessons than it is to teach a poorly prepared one in the regular series. The roll book should be left in the classroom also for the substitute.

In addition, it is a good idea for the substitute teacher to visit the class several times to acquaint himself with the class and the class routine.

The best substitute teacher is the assistant teacher who can continue the regular course of study without a break in routine.

Reference Drills

Bible reference drills create interest and are an excellent method of reviewing or of introducing new material. They should be limited to the five minutes before or after the lesson. Each student should have a Bible. Here are two types of effective drills. They are general in scope.

1. Read each of the ten Bible questions below. Give the reference containing the answer for the class to read.

a) Question: "Men and brethren, what shall we do?" Answer: "Acts 2:38.

b) Question: "Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?" Answer: "Matt. 16:14.

c) Question: "Good Master, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?" Answer: Mark 10:18-21.

d) Question: "Is it lawful for us to give tribute unto Caesar, or no?" Answer: Luke 20:23-25.

e) Question: "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?" Answer: Acts 16:31-33.

f) Question: "Who art thou Lord?" Answer: Acts 9:5.

g) Question: "Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me?"

Answer: John 21:15-17.

h) Question: "Lord, who is it?" Answer: John 13:26.

i ) Question: "Dost thou still retain thy integrity? curse God and die." Answer: Job 2:10.

j) Question: "Who am I that I should go unto Pharaoh and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt?" Answer: Exodus 3:12.

2. Read the following questions and give the chapter containing the answer. The class is to read until someone finds the answer.

a) Where did the ark Noah built finally rest? (Genesis 8)

b) How much did Goliath's coat of mail weigh? (I Samuel 17)

c) How many people were in a shipwreck with Paul? (Acts 27)

d) Who dreamed about a basket? (Genesis 40)

e) Why was a certain widow's sorrow turned to gladness? (Luke 7)

) What did Simon, the sorcerer, want to buy? (Acts 8)

g) Who worshipped, leaning on a staff? (Hebrews 11)

h) What sacrifice did God provide in place of Isaac? (Genesis 22)

i ) How did Samson destroy a corn field? (Judges 15)

Next Month Helpful suggestions for use in vacation Bible schools will be the theme.


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