Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 23, 1969
NUMBER 25, PAGE 10-12

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al- Gram

William E. Wallace — News Editor

"FROM WAY OUT WEST" Robert A. Bolton

Preaching The Word:

California: BOB MELEAR of Ventura at Santa Susana, Oct. 1-8; BILL CREWS of Beaumont, Texas at Mt. View in San Bernardino, Oct. 5-12; HAROLD FITE of Lubbock, Texas at 1838 N. Shaffer in Orange, Oct. 5-12; FLOYD THOMPSON of Fairview in Garden Grove at Santa Barbara, Oct. 20-26; at El Centro, Nov. 3-9, and at Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nov. 24-30.

Preachers On The Move:

California: DONALD M. JONES from Santa Maria to Muskogee, Oklahoma, July I; DON L. DUVAL from Hemet to Red Bluff, August 1; CHARLES A. LIMBURG from Palm Springs to Tustin, November 1.

Discussion On The Holy Spirit:

Word has reached us, too late for an advance notice, about a public discussion (not a debate or forum) in San Diego, Oct. 13, 14, 16, on the subject of the Holy Spirit. Speakers are CLYDE GOFF of the Seminole Drive church and BEN J. FRANKLIN of the Downtown church, both in San Diego. Both speakers will have 50 minutes each evening, beginning at 7:30 PM, with the discussion being held at the Downtown building on Monday and Thursday and at the Seminole Drive building on Tuesday. Specific subjects discussed in order include: "What the scriptures teach (1) about a miraculous baptism in the Holy Spirit for our day, (2) about miraculous spiritual gifts for today, and (3) relative to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for today." Perhaps we can have a report on the outcome of this discussion in the near future. — R.A.B.

Information Urgently Requested:

I am in receipt of the following letter: "I am working with the brethren in Lilbourn, Missouri and one of them has asked me to try to find out about conservative churches in MONTANA. He wants to move to that State, but is concerned that it would be hard to find a sound church to work with. He is a very fine Christian and the hardest worker we have here. He is in the banking business and is able to find a job wherever he may choose to move. He would like a list of sound churches in MONTANA so that he might be able to make a wise decision on where to move. Could you help us in this regard? Thanks a lot." — MIKE T. ROGACS, P. O. Box 264, Lilbourn, Missouri 63862. (CAN ANYONE PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION? IT COULD RESULT IN A FRUITFUL BLESSING FOR SOME SMALL STRUGGLING GROUP OF SAINTS IN A NUMERICALLY WEAK STATE AS FAR AS THE CHURCH IS CONCERNED. PLEASE WRITE TO BRO. ROGACS IMMEDIATELY IF YOU CAN HELP IN THIS MATTER. — R.A.B.)

Preacher Wanted:

The church in Palm Springs, California is in need of a preacher. A small but zealous and faithful group of saints are growing day by day in this resort city located in the lower desert of Southern California. An adequate meeting place is provided in the form of a remodeled store building at present, but plans are already well under way for the erection of their own building in the near future. Since its beginning, the church in Ontario, California has supported a preacher in Palm Springs, and that support is available for the next preacher if needed. Any faithful preacher interested in a possible move to Palm Springs may contact WALTER CLARK, 740 Paseo El Mirador, Palm Springs, California 92262, Telephone: 714-352-6522. It will be my pleasure to be with these brethren in another gospel meeting November 10-16. — Robert A. Bolton BY THE WAY: "It is foolish to believe that God would create a rule of 'survival of the fittest' for the jungle and 'survival of misfits' for heaven!"

PREACHER NEEDED: Myrtle Beach, S. C. — "Southside Church of Christ in need of preacher. Small amount of support can be furnished, rest will have to come from outside. Very small group, mostly military. College nearby. Write Ted A. Lankford 810-A Juniper Drive Myrtle Beach AFB, S. C. 29577 or call 238-2359. Thanks very much. Enjoy the paper and have seen an improvement due to recent changes." Ted A. Lankford JOHN M. TROKEY: "I am happy to be able to tell you that I have accepted the work with the church in Mira Loma, Calif. I began this work as of the 22nd of September. I am looking forward to a good and fruitful association with the brethren and the community of Mira Loma. . . .The Guardian continues to be a delight to me and I always am eager to read all of it. The news to me is interesting and helpful." P. O. Box 232 Mira Loma, California 91752

CALL FROM ERIE, PENN: — My wife and I have been worshipping with the only congregation of the Lord's church in Erie, Pa. since March. Although we have earnestly contended for the faith, and attempted to exert a influence for good, the struggle has been in vain, as the church here has become bogged down in the throes of liberalism, and an attitude of disregard for the word of God pervades nearly every aspect of the church's word, as well as the lives of the members. For this reason, we feel that we can no longer labor in good conscience with them.

Erie is predominately Catholic and the nearest faithful congregation of the Lord's Church is about 100 miles away, to the best of my knowledge. The need for a sound Gospel preacher to help sow the seed is great. Because of the influence of the congregation already established in this city, the work may be hampered somewhat. However, with patience and hard work, the Gospel could flourish here. At the present time there are only the two of us who are interested in a "Thus saith the Lord." We will make every scriptural effort to assist in raising support for any faithful preacher who is interested in coming to help establish a new work here. If you are interested in coming to Erie and helping with this work or know of anyone who is, please contact me at 1201 West 28th Street, Erie, Pa. 16508. — Arnold A. Granke, Jr.

GLENN SHAVER is back in good physical condition for meeting work. He was hindered for a time with poor health, but is presently in good shape and is available for meetings.

GEORGE T. JONES: "On August 24, 1969, I began preaching for the South 46th St. Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas. For the preceding 8 years, I had preached for the Spring Branch church in Houston. Our work here has begun very pleasantly. The elders asked me to preach in a short meeting here September 14-17. Our fall meeting will be November 10-16, with James W. Adams preaching. October 20-26, I'll be with Herschel Patton and the Locust St. church in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee." 2323 S. 46th St., Ft. Smith, Arkansas 72901 LARRY RAY HAFLEY: "The articles by Gordon Wilson on I Cor. 6:1-8 are provoking and informative. More of this type of study needs to be encouraged. (Heb. 5:12-14) The attractive red cover, brother Kelley's article on "Peace Is Our Profession," and your own 'Who Has Been Mistreated' made the 9/18/69 issue one of the best. More like that one and the Guardian will continue to grow." 602 West Lee St. Plano, Illinois 60545

NEW PUBLICATION: THE CASE FOR BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY, essays on theology, philosophy, ethics, ecumenism, fundamentalism, separatism, edited by Ronald H. Nash. Recommended for interested in scholarly presentations and in-depth study. $3.50 Order from The Gospel Guardian Company.

A NEW WORKBOOK — "ISAIAH — SPOKESMAN FOR GOD" — The book of Isaiah is often called the Fifth Gospel because of its wealth of Messianic prophecies. It is an exceedingly practical book for us today from another standpoint as well — there is a striking similarity between the religious, moral, social and governmental condition of Judah in Isaiah's day and America in our day.

Isaiah — Spokesman for God focuses on both the practical and prophetic aspects of the book of Isaiah. It is an excellent and interesting course for any adult class, either men or women. The book is arranged in thirteen lessons, but a class may easily spend six months on it.

The author is the daughter of W. N. Short, veteran missionary to Africa, and the sister of Foy Short of Rhodesia and Bill Short of Irving, Texas, both gospel preachers. She has four sons — Edward, Henry, Robert and Paul Fudge — who preach. She was graduated magna cum laude with a major in Bible from Abilene Christian College, and has for many years taught extensively in ladies Bible classes in Limestone County, Alabama.

Isaiah — Spokesman for God is 50 cents per copy in all quantities. Order from The Gospel Guardian Company. MMMMM CHARLES F. HOUSE REPORTS: — NEW CHURCH FOR LAS PALOMAS: — According to plans formed in 1954, Lord willing, a new church will be started in another of the border towns at LAS PALOMAS, CHIHUAHUA, 32 miles south of DEMING and directly in front of COLUMBUS, NEW MEXICO, USA. ALEJANDRO HERNANDEZ and his family plan to move there the first week of October. Of the $160 total monthly support needed, he lacks only $25. If you can supply any of this amount, let us hear from you. My planning includes regular trips to this place, which is less than 200 miles away, and is well within easy driving distance.

DOUGLAS-AGUA PRIETA: — All of this month, Raul has been under daily, injected, medication since his last return from Mexico City. He is now completely prepared for surgery. He plans to leave, Lord willing, the last week of September. Surgery has definitely been scheduled this time for 10:00 AM, 30 September in Mexico City. THANKS TO A WONDERFUL BROTHERHOOD, NO FUNDS HAVE BEEN NEEDED SINCE THE LATTER PART OF JULY. Pray for the success of his eye operation. He wants to become a Gospel Preacher.

Jimmy Tuten, Jr. — During the month of September (22-28), I was with the York Road church in Charlotte, N. C. for a series of Gospel preaching. This church (which meets at 5327 York Road), we believe is the largest in the state that opposes innovations in work and worship. Though they number less than a hundred, they own their building, preacher's house and more than enough land for expansion purposes in years to come. They are rapidly moving to the point to where they will become completely self-sustaining. Their zeal and growth is apparent.

Jerry Parker (formerly of Spring & Blaine, in St. Louis) is zealously laboring with the brethren. He is doing an outstanding work in a hard field. He and the brethren are working together harmoniously and their growth is steady.

Capacity crowds were present at most of the services, some coming from as far away as 100 miles on two or three occasions. There were two baptisms in this meeting. I am to be in Benton, Illinois, October 20-26 and Peoria, Ill., where Hiram Hutto is preaching for two days (Nov. 21-22). I will be appearing with other speakers during this meeting. I began my eighth year with Spring & Blaine last Sunday (October 5). Our seventh year has been our best while in St. Louis. From January to October 5, we have had 51 responses, 35 of which have been baptisms. Spring & Blaine continues to labor zealously and harmoniously. (6316 Pernod Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 63139)