Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 23, 1969

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin To "Conservative — Churches Of Christ"

This is an urgent appeal for assistance in the work among the people who are primarily Negroes here in this city. During the last part of 1966, Brother Clifford L. Sheffield and family came out of Liberalism in the Church of Christ, and began meeting for the purpose of establishing a real conservative Church of Christ.

Hence, since that time we have grown to about thirty in numbers, and we have been renting our present location, but most recently it was put up for sale and other Denominational and Sectarian groups are endeavoring to buy, but we of the Port Washington Church of Christ have the first opportunity since we are now located there.

Therefore, we are making appeal to our brethren for help to raise the sum of $1,300.00 by November 15, 1969.

We shall be able to carry the mortgage payments if we are assisted in raising the down payment.

The congregation here is worthy, and for any reference concerning the work, congregations may write to the following elders:

Glen Park Church of Christ, 3949 Massachusetts Street, Gary, Indiana and the West End Church of Christ, Franklin, Tennessee.

We are presently receiving $50.00 a month from the Glen Park Church and $25.00 a month from the West End Church.

We have made several appeals for support with little success and as a result it has been necessary for me to work full time at other employment to support my family and the Church because we believe in the truth of God's eternal word.

Write bro. Sheffield at 2849 N. 17th St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53206. He is worthy of your support, and he deserves it.