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September 11, 1969

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Don't Be Green!

Rebecca Anne Wallace (14 Year Old Daughter Of Publisher)

"Hey Candy, how about a date tonight?"

"Oh, I can't tonight, Paul, it's church night."

"Are you crazy! You're going to church on a Wednesday night!' "Sure, and it's always a lot of fun, too."

You're green. girl."

"Green! Just what is 'Green' anyway?"

"Don't you know anything, Candy? I thought you were a pretty cool kid until now!

'Green', my dear, is young, immature, unripened, which is you!"

"That's funny, I always thought green was a color mixture of yellow and blue."

"Are you serious? I mean really?"

"I certainly am, Paul, and I believe you might enjoy coming to church with me tonight if you would only drop that ugly attitude. Why don't you try it with me, it'll do you a lot of good."

"Well, all right, if I can back out of it, if it gets to be more than I can take."

"If you want to back out, Paul, I won't stop you. How about picking me up at 7:00?"

"O.K., see you later"'

"That didn't kill you did it?"

"No, it didn't. In fact, I rather like it! I never knew that religion could be so interesting!"

"It can be more than interesting, Paul, it can save your soul."

"I'm still not sure about all that soul stuff, but it's kind of weird to think of death and that hereafter junk. I also noticed some of the most popular kids at your church, do they go there regularly?"

"Of course! And they didn't get to be popular by smoking, drinking, or cursing either!"

"I noticed Mike there, he does all those things."

"Yes, he does, and there are others in the church that are not the kind of persons to be associated with. But, you must not single out the people that are wrong, but those that are right, such as Carol, John, and Pete."

"Candy, I want to come to your church again Sunday, to learn more. I believe that anyone who has as much enthusiasm as you do over a book called the 'Bible' must be right about it."

"I'm so glad to hear you say that because there is nothing I want more than for you to come with me and make the Lord's church your home."

"What time can I pick you up Sunday?"

"Around 9 A.M."

"Bye, Candy."

"Goodbye, Paul."