Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 17, 1969
NUMBER 11, PAGE 9-12

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

SPECIAL ISSUE COMING UP: A special 48 page issue of The Gospel Guardian is scheduled to be mailed early in August. It will be a combination of three issues of the paper. Each subscriber will of course receive one copy of the special. Extra copies may be ordered at 25 cents each or $20.00 per hundred. Order now! This special will deal with teaching regarding the end of time and will help to offset some of the wild speculation regarding current events in the lands of the Bible.

MARSHALL NORMAN: "I have accepted full time work with the Church of Christ, 111 E. Rose, Belen, N. M. Please pray for me as I go about to do the work of the Lord. Any congregation that can, please send me your bulletin, as they will help me in my work." 125 E. Ross, Belen, N. M. 87002 IS THERE A GOD? This is the title of a neatly printed tract by Rolf L. Miller. Order direct from him at 42620 Isle Royal, Fremont, Calif. 94538. $5.00 per hundred.

PREACHER WANTED: " meeting in the country community of Belgreen, Alabama, needs a preacher. About 115 attend worship on Lord's Day morning and last month contributed as average of $153.00 per week. The church has a small three bedroom frame house about 200 yards from both grade and high schools. If some preacher is interested in further information, he should call Jack Hamilton. (205) 322-3438 or write him on Route 8, Russellville, Alabama 35653. "W. Arthur Moody (Bro. Moody will move to Birmingham, Alabama soon).

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OF NEWTON W. ALLPHIN: (See his picture elsewhere in this issue) Born near Waco, Texas November 25, 1875. Death claimed both his father and mother when he was eight years of age. Even before then he evinced greater than usual musical talent. He taught in literary school, but for only one session. Then turned back to his "first love" — music. Studied voice culture with Dr. B. C. Unseld, A. C. Fisher, Alva Clippenger et al. His principal instructors in music composition, chord harmony, etc. were Prof. Frank L. Eiland and Dr. J. B. Herbert — both nationally known in their generation. Finished in S.D.N. (Waco, Texas) with highest grade Eiland ever gave.

He began leading singing in gospel meetings in 1895, and continued such service through 1949, working with 86 different evangelists, including F. L. Young, Joe Warlick, C. R. Nichol, Foy E. Wallace, Sr., and Early Arceneaux. He preached at intervals from 1897 to 1949.

He taught his first singing school in 1898, and composed his first gospel songs the same year. Has composed and published between 90 and 100 songs and the lyrics to almost 1000 for music writers who could not write verse. Has corrected manuscripts, readied them for publication, for scores of individuals and for publishing companies since 1904. In 1907 he established The New Song Company in Ft. Worth. Was co-founder of the ANALYTICAL AND NEW LIGHT Normal School for training teachers and writers. He also edited and published a monthly music journal, The Musical Light, until it was sold to another company in 1912. Since then he has compiled and published 15 sacred song books.

In the years 1915 to 1926 he had to write words for so many who sent music — sans poetry. To avoid having his name appear so many times in a book, he used these nomms de plume: Lawrence Love, Carl Cross and Paul Ponder. Besides his sacred song work — mentioned before — he has written four piano solos, three marches for concert bands, which have played by Texas Tech band in Lubbock, Texas and other Texas cities, also in Cincinnatti, Ohio. Other than books mentioned before, he wrote and published a music reader and a practical versification. His religious books are, Pre-Millennialism vs. The Bible and Visions Unveiled (commentary on The Revelation, now out of print.) Has written many articles for 4 or 5 religious journals thorough the years. His advice to music students is: If you seek a high spot in the musical skies, learn to see with your ears, also hear with your eyes. If the little jingle seems vague, it means when you hear a song played, be able to mentally see its clefts, key and measure signatures whether it starts with first measure full, or only 1/4 full, etc. And when you look at a printed page, know mentally how it will sound, et cetera.

In addition to preachers for whom he has conducted song services it is interesting to note that he has conducted song services for three generations of the Wallace family: Foy E. Sr., Foy E. Jr., his son Wilson, and for Cled E., Tom, Glenn and G. K.

JESSE F. WISEMAN recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to work with a small congregation. Brother Wiseman has a long history of outstanding work with churches around the country. He is in need of additional support. Write him at 8632 E. Roanoke Avenue, Scottsdale, Arizona 85257.

JAMES H. PARSLEY: I will terminate my work in Santa Clara, California the first of July and will begin labouring with the church which meets at 3433 Studebaker Road in Long Beach, California. Jody Copeland has been labouring with the church there at Long Beach, and will be moving to labor with the church in Sepulveda. Please send all correspondence to James H. Parsley 3433 Studebaker Road, Long Beach, Calif. 90808

New Church In Colorado Springs.

Hoyt H. Houchen, 12528 E. Alaska Pl., Aurora, Colorado: We are happy to announce that a scriptural congregation, one that is free of innovations, now exists in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During the month of June, the brethren are meeting in the Holiday Inn, accessible from interstate 25. Plans are being made to purchase property for a permanent place of meeting. Recently, thirty-one were present for one service and the contributions are averaging about $100 per Lord's day. For further information about the work, as to the schedule of services etc., contact our son, Ronnie Houchen, 729 Prairie Rd., Colorado Springs, Colorado, phone 471-8446, or Morris Fraser 3708 Meadowland Blvd., phone 596-3687 Brother Harvey Clark states to me that he does not resent the starting of a new congregation in Colorado Springs but that he resents the implication of my report in a recent issue of the Guardian that "if there are any faithful brethren" in Colorado Springs or the area... It was not our intention to imply that there were NO faithful brethren there and we apologize for any such impression that was given. It so happens that brother Clark was one of the first ones contacted because we believed that he could be depended upon to assist in the new work. He is an ex-elder of the Bellaire church in Houston, Texas. He and a few others remain with a liberal church and we cannot understand what existing circumstances would prevent him and those few others from identifying themselves with a sound, faithful church. This indeed is a disappointment as these brethren could be of valuable assistance to the work.

We are enjoying our work with the Boston street church in Aurora (Denver) Colorado, 1297 Boston street. We have baptized eleven since our work began here in October and the attendance and all other phases of our work are encouraging. Be sure to visit with us at Boston street in Aurora when coming to cool, colorful, Colorado this summer.

Illinois, Indiana, Ohio And Kentucky

Report by George T. Eldridge -- P.O. Box 96, Hilliard, Ohio OBEYED THE GOSPEL: Indiana Indianapolis - 860 S. Belmont Ave.; 2 restored and identified. Kentucky: Glasgow -- 100 Linwood Drive: baptized on June 8. Louisville at 1320 Gardiner Lane: George Jones' gospel meeting — 3 restored and 1 baptized. Louisville -- 4001 Taylor Blvd.: 2 baptized and 3 placed membership. Owensboro — 2920 New Hartford Rd.: James R. Cope's gospel meeting — 4 baptized (children of faithful members). Ohio: Hamilton 1040 Azel Ave.: 1 baptized & 1 restored. Tallmadge -737 Southeast Ave.: 2 restored & identified.

SUMMER BIBLE LECTURESHIP: Morgantown Rd. & Parkside Drive in Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42101. July 21-25. 7:30 p.m.

Monday Night — "Unchanging Morals in a Changing Society" - Franklin T. Puckett, Florence, Ala. Tuesday Night "The Cure for Chaos" - A. C. Grider, Owensboro, Ky. Wednesday Night — "Live Coals from Dead Hearths" — James P. Miller, Bowling Green, Ky. Thursday Night -- "The Causes and Cure for Church Trouble" - James P. Needham, Louisville, Ky. Friday Night — "The Kingdom Looks Ahead" - Rufus R. Clifford, Franklin, Tennessee NEW RADIO PROGRAM: The church at 1040 Azel Ave. in Hamilton, Ohio pays for the program. It is not a Herald of Truth set up!! This church does not beg, plead or solicit money from other churches or individuals nor will she accept money either as she preaches the gospel by radio. G. L. Fiscus, evangelist, preaches on the program. E. Bailey & C. Miller are the elders. The program is called "Treasuries of Truth." It is broadcasted every Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. -- 12:30 p.m. on WMOH 1450 WHOH 103.5 People in 22 counties in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio can hear the gospel. The Indiana [com]munties are Dearborn, Fayette, Franklin, Ripley, Union, and Wayne. The Kentucky counties are Boone, Campbell, Kenton, and Switzerland. The Ohio counties are Bulter, Brown, Clermont, Clarke, Clinton, Darke, Green, Hamilton, Highland, Montgomery, Miami, and Preble. May God richly bless this church as she becomes active in preaching the gospel. The trouble with too many churches today is that they are not active! They seem to be fully satisfied with the regular scheduled services in the building and making the fixed money payment on the building. Until churches have a program of work that places rigorous demands on members to give their money to the Lord on the first day on the week and time every day of the week, churches in this generation, the sixties and seventies, will not be "an ensample to all that believe and will not sound "forth the word of the Lord" outside of their neighborhood nor will their faith to God-ward go forth, I Thess. 1:7-8.

SPECIAL NOTICE CONCERNING J. T. SMITH: New address. Effective July 14, his new address is Church of Christ, 1320 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40213.

MOVING PREACHERS: Edgar Walker of Flint Michigan moves around July 1 to work with the church at 300 Haynes St. in Dayton, Ohio. V. C. McCormick of Sciotoville, Ohio moves to Brownsburg, Indiana. Lloyd Barker of Beckley, West Virginia to Medina, Ohio. Aubrey Belue of Aurora, Illinois to Beckley, West Virginia. Marvin Young of Roseville, Ohio to Salem, Ohio. Marvin has done well in Roseville even though he was there only about 12 months. Marvin was forced to move because his wages from another church was cut off and wages could not be secured. The church cut off his wages completely in order to do maintenance work (repair or added improvements) to their present building. Maintenance work takes precedence over preaching the gospel outside of their neighborhood. Jimmy Lovell of Salem, Ohio to the Thayer St. Church in Akron. Ronald Chaffin of Alliance, Ohio to Uhrichsvlle, Ohio. Uhrichsville has a population of approximately 7,000. A new work was started in Uhrichsville due to (1) human institutions being in the treasuries of churches in that area and (2) churches not getting them out of the treasury nor are they remaining in the "old paths." We hope that the brethren of the Uhrichsville Church will work according to the Bible in order that God might bless them.

THE DEBATE IN KENTUCKY: June 5 — 7 a debate was conducted in the Gym in Neon, Kentucky between J. T. Smith and J. W. Holcomb. This debate covered the same propositions discussed by these two last years here in Dayton (Ohio, GTE). Women teachers and the covering question of I Cor. 11 constituted the battle-ground. Bernard Bolten moderated for J. W. and I served in that capacity for J. T.

Brother Holcomb teaches it is sinful for women to worship in the "public assembly" without a covering, and consequently those who do will be lost. This contention makes it a matter of faith: it involves fellowship. It is our conviction that he misunderstands.

It is his contention also that the praying and singing of Col. 3:16 and Eph. 5:19 is the praying and prophesying of I Cor. 11:5!! He said these women were not inspired of God, and the women of I Cor. 14:34,35 were only repeating what they had heard the men say!

We believe that J. T. upheld the truth in a good way. Perhaps good was accomplished. Even though there are hundreds of members of the body in that area, not more than forty attended any one of the four sessions. In this we were much disappointed. — Earl Robertson, Church of Christ, 1031 Welford Drive, Zenia, Ohio 45385.

Church of Christ, Marrtown Road, Parkersburg, West Virginia has scheduled Bill Cavender of Port Arthur, Texas for a gospel meeting on July 13-20. All six of the Cavenders shall stay at the home of bro. and sister C. D. Plum, 2503 Liberty, Parkersburg, West Virginia 26101 See brother Plum's picture elsewhere in this issue. Brother Plum is truly a man of God, having at least 50 years of preaching experience. He engages in meeting work the year round. Any church that desires and needs Bible preaching would do well to schedule brother Plum for a meeting! He speaks as the oracles of God. I consider it an honor and pleasure to know personally this aged and veteran soldier of the Cross. Have him for a meeting.

+++++++++++++++ Debate Thwarted

There was a debate scheduled to begin on June 16th to continue the 17th, 19th and 20th in the meetinghouse of the Gap Road Church of Christ near Batesville, Arkansas. The disputants were to have been Elmer Moore and J. W. Kornegay. Bro. Moore was to have taken the position that bible classes are scriptural and that women can teach some of the classes. He was to have also affirmed the scripturalness of a plurality of containers in the Lord's Supper. J. W. Kornegay, of Brickton, N. J. was to have taken the opposite position. I was to have moderated for brother Moore while a brother Brown was to have been the moderator for brother Kornegay. Brother Moore had the first speech and had spoken for exactly nineteen (19) minutes when Kornegay threw in the towel. He stated that brother Moore was too smart a man for him to be able to answer his arguments. He further stated that Elmer was to far over his head. Kornegay's moderator spoke up and said that Kornegay was incapable of carrying on an intelligent debate with brother Moore. We tried to persuade them to continue with the debate but they could not be persuaded to do so. Brother Brown claimed to be an experienced debater, but he declined the offer to go through with the discussion. Since brother Moore had journeyed all the way from Kerrville, Texas for the debate the Gap Road brethren were determined that his efforts would not be futile. They asked that he speak each evening through the 29th on the issues that were to have been discussed in the debate. He graciously consented and did just that. Elmer is a fine preacher and excellent debater. In my opinion the arguments which he advances are unanswerable. — H.L. Bruce