Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 17, 1969

Dear Uncle Zeke

Your faithful nephew, Delmar

Dear Uncle Zeke,

Funny thing happened the other day over to Higgenbottom's Department Store that I thought you might like to know about. Seems Joshua Markham's daughter Thylabelle wanted to buy herself a pair of slacks to wear while working in the field. Well her paw was dead set agin that as the Lord said that a woman ought not to wear that which pertaineth unto man (Deut. 22:5) and that slacks were men's clothes. Now I must confess that I don't rightly view with too much favor women wearin such but the reason is cause they is too seldom any slack in the slacks but I am the first to admit that sometimes slacks is more modest than is maybe a dress.

About that time I sidled up to Joshua and directed him by the arm to the grownup women's clothes department. When we got there I offered to buy Josh a real nice pair of women's slacks (You know the kind with the zipper up the back) if he would wear them to church come Sunday. Joshua's got enough sense to know that if you set a bucket under a bull something's wrong so he flat refused to allow me to buy them for him. He felt they was women's clothes.

That led us back to his daughter Thulabelle and whether or not slacks were men's apparel. We both figured that back in Bible times the long robes and gown's of men and women looked something alike but that there surely must have been some difference. We decided that the same applied today! The difference is what makes the difference.

Yours truly,