Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 16, 1969

Our Family Page

I Am Your Boy Friend

I am the one boy whom you have singled out to be your friend in a different way than other boys can be.

I am pleased and proud to be known as your "Boy Friend."

The world is a different place when I am with you; it thrills me to have you enter the room where I am, even though we merely glance at each other and smile.

At times I am frightened at myself because of the strange forces that struggle within my soul and that seem, somehow, to surge around a center — which is you.

Deep within the inmost shrine of my soul, on the battlefield of my purposes and my imaginations, I wage my daily fight for the banner of an unstained mind.

When that battles goes hard, I need you — you — to be, not another power to those that already seek my defeat, but as a pure and shining symbol to help me be the victor on that hard-fought field.

This is the place I have set aside for you.

I am your Boy Friend.

These selections on this page come from Quests And Conquests.

A Good Word

Have a good word for everybody. The only man who has a right to look down on others, is the man in an airship. Even the tombstones speak well of those beneath them.

— J. H. Turner

I Am Your Girl Friend

Long ago there was planted in the heart of womanhood those divine instincts that were destined to preserve and to mother the human race.

All those inner and beautiful urges of the soul were gathered up in the hand of God and passed on to the infinite future through me.

Because of them I have been drawn by a mysterious attraction to you.

In your presence a light surrounds my heart, a glow comes into my life, and there come to me, happiness, excitement — and dreams.

Because my spirit is sensitive when I am with you I know that to a large degree I am in your hands.

Your ideals will influence my ideals in spite of myself — if yours are low they will lower mine;

With you I walk, not merely down the street, but into the future.

In worthy and friendly fellowship with you I may find my wisest footpath into many of the mysteries and beauties of life.

I am happy to be your Girl Friend.