Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 16, 1969
NUMBER 36, PAGE 10-12

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

CHUCK AINSWORTH has begun work with the congregation in Bay City, Texas, following DEAN BULLOCK, who has moved to Green's Bayou in Houston, Texas.

DAVID CLAYPOOL of Franklin Road in Nashville, Tennessee will move to the Downtown congregation in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee following Marshall Patton who has moved to Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee.

NEW CONGREGATION IN DENVER - University Hills Church of Christ established in Denver, Colorado - "Ten faithful Christians met on August 4 establishing a new work at 3089 South Glencoe in southeast Denver. A nice lot with residence has been purchased and converted into a meeting place. University Hills is a very desirable district with a potential for a good work. Visitors have already come our way which is very encouraging. Our desire is to establish the cause of Christ free from all institutions and societies of men. Pray for our success, and when in Denver, worship with us. You may contact some of the members at phones 674-5049 or 343-1583."

PREACHER NEEDED: "We are looking for a preacher to work with the Church at San Mateo, Florida. We will appreciate it if you will mention us in the Guardian. Anyone interested may contact J. A. Wallace, Rt. 3, Box 534." Zip Code 32077 NEW CHURCH: "A sound church has begun meeting in Hendersonville on 199 Saundersville Rd. in the old American Legion Building. Bro. Bill Hawkins is the preacher." Nashville Tennessee.

PAUL KELSEY, 1506 Fannin Dr., Carrollton, Texas, 75006: "The church which meets at 1833 Crosby Road, Carrollton, has enjoyed a prosperous two years. The average attendance has tripled and is now running at 120 per Lord's Day. In the past two years we have seen 53 souls baptized, restored, or placed membership with us. In October 1968 elders were appointed. There are: William Kenas, Andy McDonald, and John Tucker. Plans have been completed to build an auditorium on to the present facilities and convert the present auditorium into classrooms, which are badly needed. We are now in the process of appointing deacons. In addition to the work done locally we are helping to support two other gospel preachers. The church looks forward to a bright future here."

PREACHER NEEDED: "The Lord's body meeting at 3221 W. Court St. St. Pasco, Washington will be in need of a preacher to work with them as of June 1969. The church here is a result of a conservative stand against modern innovations and consists of 30 members. Pasco is located in an area with a population of 100,000 and growing rapidly. Financially the church is able only to pay $300.00 per month toward the support of a preacher so secular or outside support would be necessary. Those interested contact: Church of Christ, 3221 W. Court St., Pasco, Wn. 99301."

Florida College Lectures Coming Up....January 27-30....Would Be A Good Winter Trip....

FROM JOHN IVERSON: "I truly enjoy the 'Tell-Al-Gram' feature of the G.G. In fact, it is the first thing I look for and read each week. When space permits, I would appreciate it if you would include the following: The last few months, it was my privilege to conduct meetings at the following places: August, Marked Tree, Ark., and Fowlkes, Tenn.; September, Cleveland, Miss., (Northside) and Bessemer, Ala. (9th Street); October, Bossier City, La. (meeting at Foster and Patricia); and Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. (Locust St); November, Lawrenceville, Ga. In all, there were nineteen 'responses' -six baptisms and thirteen restorations. This winter I have been preaching at Green's Bayou (in Houston) and West Columbia, Texas. December 8, one was baptized at Green's Bayou, and December 15, three were restored at West Columbia. The Lord willing, I shall continue to hold meetings in the coming year, and am looking forward to these efforts with a great deal of anticipation. May the Lord bless us all in our work of faith and labor of love."

Write brother Iverson for meetings at 2614 Pickerton Drive, Deer Park, Texas 77536.

FROM GARRETH L. CLAIR: "...closed a good meeting with the brethren in Wichita, Kansas. (1614 Calvert Street). The church there is served by two fine elders, brothers Wilbur Darling and Gene Valdois. The church there has no full time preacher, they have about twelve men in the congregation that are good preachers. The church there has been in existence for about five years, they are planning now to begin a new work somewhere in Wichita. During the meeting two were baptized into Christ....The work here at 55th and Myrtle goes along real well..." 6144 West Frier Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85301 FOR SALE - FOLDING MACHINE - A. B. Dick 52 Folder. Capacity 9 x 14. Three years old. Perfect condition. Guaranteed. $200.00. Write or call Jesse Kelley, Box 897, Laporte, Texas 77351. (713) Gr-1-3326.

BOOK REVIEW: "Letters To A Young Methodist Preacher By Ashley S. Johnson. "Here is such a presentation of the restoration principles as to refresh your heart! Is it still possible to be a Christian and a Christian only?

Read this book and you will not ask the question again. This book was written from the front lines of battle with the principle of denominationalism. This is definitely NOT a harangue against the Methodist church. The whole issue of division and sectarianism is met here." $3.95 Order From The Gospel Guardian THE WILLIS-INMAN DEBATE Clifton Inman wrote as follows: "Several months ago Cecil Willis and I met in public discussion in the Jefferson Junior High School Parkersburg. Later we repeated the discussion in Dayton, Ohio. Many things have been written about the discussion and some are still being written. We are very happy that the discussion is now in print...The reader will note that I spent all of my time arguing the scriptural legality of supporting a nationwide radio program and of supporting orphans in 'institutional' homes. Since I was setting forth the scriptural legality of these practices, I did not read from magazines, former debates, financial reports, etc. Willis spent his time arguing the matter of expediency. He had long arrays of figures and charts to show that these things are inexpedient. We pointed out that this is a matter for individual elderships to decide after the matter of legality or authorization is decided. Several times someone has asked me how the debate went. Jokingly I have said, 'I whipped the socks off of him. What else would you expect me to say.' But the fact is that I have been willing to let people decide for themselves. Many people seem to pay more attention to claims of success than to the validity of reasons presented. If one man does not match the others bravado and braggadocio, it is thought that he thinks his position weak. Alexander Campbell once noted, when people were bragging about how they had overcome him in debate. 'I measure not success by the number of claims for success but by the number of converts obtained.' You will profit from a study of the written discussion. You read it and make up your mind about the results. The price is $4.00..." Order From The Gospel Guardian. (Art. from Bible Herald 5/1/68)

Twenty Years Of Service To Conservative Brethren A "Fan Letter" Printed Without Yater Tant's Knowledge

"Mr. Yater Tant, P. O. Box 470, Lufkin, Texas. Dear Brother Tant: You might call this a fan letter.

"My copy of the Guardian came in today's mail and I have read with interest, as well as with some degree of sadness and a good dose of nostalgia, your editorial, 'A Backward Glance.' I became acquainted with, and a reader of, the Bible Banner when I was a student in college. This was not long before the paper became a weekly and reverted to the old original name. I subscribed to the Guardian, beginning with the first issue under your editorship, and have subscribed regularly ever since. If I have missed a single copy during those years, it was the postman's fault. I have not retained the issues through the years, but I do have in my files and cherish very much, Volume One, Number One.

"What the paper has meant to me through the years would be difficult to put into words. So far as memory serves me right, the faithful men who wrote in the Banner and the early years of the Guardian did more to help me chart my course in the right direction than any other human source. I read all the back issues of the Banner I could get hold of. Through the years I have read after the good men who made a valiant fight to preserve the ancient paths from the onslaught of institutionalism, modernism, premillennialism, and a lot of other isms. Many of these are yet waging the battle for truth and right. Others have fallen on the field fully dressed in the Lord's armor and facing the foe. Still others, sad it is, have joined the enemy, but the fight they waged in happier times is not forgotten, nor is it unappreciated by me.

"Of course, I have not always agreed with all the Guardian has done. However, I believe you have tried diligently to be fair with all concerned in the battles that have been fought. I appreciate the fact that the Guardian was standing on the front line in the darkest days of the current digression, even when many of those who are quick to criticize today were riding the fence. I also appreciate the fact that you endeavor to be sound without being radical or reactionary. I guess, brother Tant, what I am trying to say is that I deeply appreciate what the Guardian has meant to me through the years and what it means to me today. May God grant you many, many years in His service." Sincerely Earl Kimbrough, P. O. Box 83, Tuckerman, Ark., Dec. 17, 1968.

(Note: Your "news editor" suggests it would be nice for others to write brother Tant during this his 20th year with The Gospel Guardian. wew)

DELIGHTFUL INCIDENT - The following delightful incident is related concerning the quick and devastating wit of Dr. Henry Sloane Coffin. It occurred in the Labor Temple where Dr. Coffin and Clarence Darrow the atheist were debating the question whether it is reasonable to believe in God. Henry Coffin opened with what one of the men present described as a remarkably clear and cogent presentation of the reasonableness of such faith. Darrow was evidently much moved, and when he rose to present the negative side of the case, turned to Dr. Coffin and said, "I did not know there were such ministers as you are! Would to God there were more of them." "Would to what?" was Coffin's instant reply.--"Pasadena Bulletin"

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