Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 11, 1968
NUMBER 35, PAGE 9b-10a

Folks And Facts

Floyd D. Chappelear, 1101 Dyson, West Columbia, Texas 77486

Ralph Edmunson: "...the central church of Christ in Searcy has begun meeting in its new building. The first service was Sunday, Dec. 10. We have been meeting in the Union Hall since Feb. of 1965. We started with an attendance of 21 and our first service in the new building saw an attendance of 66.

"We have six classrooms, preacher's study, rest-rooms, and vestibule in addition to the auditorium, all of this in a 40 x 72 size. Four of the classrooms will have folding doors so they can be opened into the auditorium to take care of overflow crowds. We estimate a potential seating capacity of 300.

"I am being supported by six churches which are sending direct to me here. One of the churches will have to stop sending to me the first of the year and I will be lacking $35.00 a month full support. If any church would like to have fellowship with us in this work, I would be happy to correspond with them and send them a full report on who is helping and any other information needed." Box 423, Searcy, Arkansas 73143

Gospel Meetings South 46Th Street Church Of Christ, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Feb. 4 "Christ and Authority" Bill Cain, Greenwood, Ark.

Feb. 4 "Christ and His Mission" Cecil B. Douthitt, Ft. Smith, Ark.

Feb. 5 "Christ and the Church" Dudley Ross Spears, Okla. City Feb. 6 "Christ and the Church" Ross Spears, Mulvane, Kansas

Feb. 7 "Christ and Worship" James Lusby, Rogers, Arkansas Feb. 8 "Christ and the Law" A.W. Goff, Conway, Ark.

Feb. 9 "Christ and the Home" Edgar Dye, Pine Bluff, Ark.

Feb. 10 "Christ, Our Example" T.D. Roberts, Fayetteville, Ark.

Feb. 11 "Christ and the World" James Burgess, Greenwood, Ark.

Feb. 11 "Christ the Judge" Ken Hogan, Waldron, Ark.

Services each night will be at 7:30 p.m. (Weekdays), and at 6:00 p.m. for the Sunday evening services. The Sunday morning lessons will be delivered at 10:30 a.m. The local preacher is Olin Kern.

Oliver Murray, of Lufkin, Texas, will be in a meeting at West Columbia, Texas, Feb. 26 to March 3, 1967.


Roy L. Foutz, Box 346, South Houston, Texas 77587. "Our work here continues in a very fine way. Robert Runner was with us in our meeting in October, his third since 1963. During 1967, I preached in meetings at the following places in Texas: Crane, Rockdale, Levelland, Madisonville, Nacogdoches, Spicewood and Cypress-Fairbanks in Houston; and in Jackson, Mississippi; Lafayette, Louisiana; and Texarkana, Arkansas. My first meeting in 1968 will be with the Blue Ash congregation in (the area of) Cincinnati, Ohio beginning on January 8."

Preacher Available

"We are looking for a church that lacks full support for a preacher. We can furnish $320.00 We are a family of 5. Children ages 16,12, and 10. Started preaching in 1951. Age 44. One and one-half years of college and 10 months of business school. Left liberalism in 1957 in Dayton, Ohio. Started full time preaching August, 1962. The wife is willing to work in order to help out. She works here for that purpose. We can move soon as a place is found. Contact by phone if you wish, HI 2-8357 (Area code, 501). Or write: John W. Pitman, P.O. Box 103, Fayetteville, Ark.

New Congregations In The "Land Of Opportunity"

The Wonder State (Arkansas) is in the midst of renewed growth, so far as the kingdom of God is concerned. In the recent past many, many new congregations have appeared on the scene. In addition to the older congregations in this immediate area, new congregations have been firmly established at South 46th Street (Olin Kern, preacher) and at South Side (Harold Turner, preacher) in Fort Smith, and on the North Side in Fort Smith, and on the North Side in Greenwood, Arkansas. All three churches have full time preachers, nice brick meeting houses, and active programs of work. A new congregation in Fayetteville has recently purchased property for a building there. The new church in Searcy is in the process of erecting a meeting house. The new church in Mountain View has already finished the first phase of its building program. The new congregation in Bradley, Arkansas has completed a nice brick building, and Ross Sanders has moved there to work full time. New churches are meeting in Forrest City, El Dorado, Magnolia, Pocahontas, Piggott, Malvern, Hope, Batesville, Blytheville, Paragould, in South Little Rock, etc. Responses to the invitation and restoration of erring brethren is the trend throughout the State. Pray for us, that the Lord will continue to use and guide us in His service in the "Land of Opportunity."

— From Guthrie Dean

Personal Slant: Kenneth Green

I've been reading over the monthly reports from brother Andres Gutierrez) evangelist in Mexicalli, Mexico to whom we began sending partial support in May, 1967. Since then, he has reported preaching in an AVERAGE of 18 public services per month. Other averages are as follows: Public Bible classes — 14 per month; Private Bible classes (in homes or other private places where prior arrangements have been made) — 17 per month; He has visited an average of 25 homes per month, passing out Bibles and tracts and inviting people to services or arranging private classes? He has also spent an average of 16 hours per month passing out literature and talking to people about the church on the streets or in business houses.

Pray for this preacher and the young converts there.

(Editors note: The above gives no mention at all to the many hours he must put in on personal edification. Would to God that all Christians could and would give such an accounting of our hours spent in the service of the Master.)