Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 11, 1968

Letter To Uncle Zeke

Your faithful nephew Delmar

Dear Uncle Zeke:

Yesterday me and the missus went over to Jason Livermore's to watch television with him and his better half. We like to go over to visit with them cause they have always been good moral people who don't watch a lot of the foolishness that a lot of people watch on T.V. Well, it seems that old Jason has done bought him a colored T.V. and we went over to eyeball it a spell.

Being as how our favorite program was in black and white and not in color Jason suggested that we watch somethin else. Well, that we did, uncle Zeke, and I don't mind tellin you that that program was pure awful.

First thing you know they was a woman bellerin like a stuck pig singin what they called opery. Funny thing, I been listenin to the "Opery" on the radio for years an ain't never heard nothin like that before. Then on the program next they had a bunch of men and women dancin around like a bunch a hens with their heads lopped off, and, to top it all off, they didn't have on no more clothes than a fresh laid egg. Or, at least it looked like they was bare. I asked Jason to turn it off and let's watch the other channel but he wouldn't do it cause the other station wasn't in color. With that, the missus and me got up and went home.

Yep, uncle Zeke, he wouldn't turn over to no decent program in black and white but was content to watch somethin sinful in livin color. You don't suppose more good people than just Jason and his'n allows the new color televisions to turn their heads to evil do you. I shore hope not. I know before that Jason wouldn't have watched such on his old black and white set.

Well, I've done run on long enough. You take care of yourself now and write me when you can. Yours truly,