Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 22, 1966
NUMBER 33, PAGE 9b-10a

Report Of The Work In Payette, Idaho

Kenneth A. Sterling

The town of Payette, Idaho, is located about 50 miles North-east of Boise. It is five miles East of Ontario, Oregon (Ontario being situated on the Eastern Oregon border at a point about mid-way--North/ South — in the State of Oregon). In the summer of 1965, the Ward Amick family moved from Napa, California, into eastern Oregon, near the little town of Harper. Shortly thereafter, the Marlos Jimison family also moved into that area from Susanville, California. Both families began worshipping at the little congregation in Harper until such time as circumstances forced them to leave. They began meeting in their homes as there are no conservative churches in the eastern Oregon area within any reasonable distance from Harper. The Jimison family moved to Payette, Idaho, and in the summer of 1966 the two families were able to purchase a church building and home from the church of God in Payette. They had no outside assistance in this. The church building is of brick construction-built in 1916-but is still substantial and with a little renovating will be adequate for some time.

Inasmuch as there is such a dearth of conservative churches in the Western Idaho-Eastern Oregon section, many have been vitally interested in seeing the work in Payette become well established. Beginning in September of 1966, several congregations in the Western states have sent their preacher's into the Payette area to do door-to-door personal work and help in any way possible. Bro. Norton Dye from Sparks (Reno area) Nev., and Bro. Charles Limburg from Oroville, Calif., were among the first. Following them Bro. Homer Walker and Bro. Nigel Brass from Fontana, Calif., went for a week's work. Bro. John Wilson from Chico, Calif., and Bro. Duane Jensen from Red Bluff, Calif., went next, and Bro. Wilson held a meeting from Oct. 16-23. Following the meeting, this writer and Bro. LeRoy Posey who preaches for the church in Coalinga, Calif.,went for nearly two weeks' work. The results of these efforts have been most rewarding and encouraging. In all, five have been baptized and one restored to date, and many, many good prospects have been uncovered--several of which are now attending services. Much remains to be done, however. Their greatest need at this time is for a sound man who has full support to work with them. If you are willing and able to help these brethren, contact them as follows: church of Christ, 9th St., & 2nd Ave. So., Payette, Idaho, 83661. Plan to worship with them when in the area. They meet for Bible study at 10:30 AM, Worship at 11:30 AM, and evening worship at 6:30 PM. Mid-week service is on Thursday evening at 7:30 PM.