Vol.IX No.X Pg.5
December 1972

Believing In God

Robert F. Turner

The atheist tells me I can not know there is GOD— as though GOD was amenable to man, to be summoned at my will, and displayed or tested. God has, and continues to demonstrate Himself in His own way, providing man with ample reasons to believe in Him, As for knowing, the atheist Is a poor one to push this. He despairs of ever knowing anything. He only believes there is NO GOD, —and this is a blind unreasoning faith that runs counter to the evidence of the universe that surrounds him.

I want to believe in God; and although this may sound purely subjective, this desire is general enough in man to be considered a part of his very being, and point to a purposeful moral Creator. The modernist would make the moral and ethical nature of man the result of an evolutionary process; but as Dr. William Martin of Peking University says, this theory has the misfortune to be at variance with the facts. A wide survey of the history of civilized nations.., shows that the actual process undergone is precisely opposite to that which this theory supposes; in a word, that man was not left to construct his own creed, but that his blundering logic has always been active in its attempt to corrupt and obscure a divine original. (THE CHINESE, pp. 163-164) What elevating and improving standards for man have come from amoral, purely humanistic philosophies? If any, it has been in rebellion to the logical ends of the theory, and not because of it.

Unlearned savages, finding a jeep in the jungle, may never learn its true or complete purpose, but the order and arrangement of its parts show that it was planned and made to some end. Even crude stone instruments, found in archaeological diggings, are evidence of some earlier intellect. So, this complex universe argues design, and demands faith in a Designer. The simplest protein molecule has 2,000 atoms, in precise arrangement. Given 500,000,000,000,000 shakings per second the possibility of a proper arrangement by pure chance is one in 10,243,000,000 years. (HUMAN DESTINY, by L. du Nouy; 1949, p. 34.) The most charitable reduction of figures does little to help the cause of pure CHANCE. Intelligence is the necessary factor in design of life and the universe; and the most satisfactory solution is IN THE BEGINNING -- GOD.

We can reason that a flood is caused by heavy rain, and heavy rain is caused by condensation factors, and these factors are caused — etc. But can we go backwards forever? Some where we must reckon with THE FIRST CAUSE; and, rejecting GOD) we must assume (a) matter (with no cause), (b) force (with no point of origination), and (c) an integrated complex action of force upon matter, precise beyond imagination, but brought about in the complete absence of intelligence. Who can believe it?

GOD is more than Nature or The Universe considered abstractly. In His masterpiece of pottery, man, He reveals Himself a purposeful, moral and personal Creator. God is real, and to the extent that man can raise his hope to something better than himself, conceive of law and justice, and can love; GOD is believable.