Vol.IX No.X Pg.2
December 1972

Its A Great Life

Robert F. Turner

There are times when I do not know if I schedule my work, or my work schedules me. Maybe it is a combination of both: I want to be busy in the Lords work, and opportunities seem to beckon on every hand. Anyhow, here is the 1973 program.

Discounting a few days for hunting and working on my house during January (maybe a short trip to Mexico thrown in) —meeting work begins in February, with the first meeting at Bellaire, Houston, TX., Feb. 5-11. We are next scheduled in Tampa, Fla., Feb. 19-25; then Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 28-Mar. 7. Thence to Madrid, Iowa, Mar. 11-16; and Mulvane, Ks., Mar. l8-23. Sinton, TX., is next, Mar. 26 - Apr. 1.

After a short stay at home, we go to California: Canoga Park, Apr. 15-20; Fullerton, Apr. 22-29; Cayucus, Apr. 30-May 6; and Santa Rosa, May 7-13. Then to Cottonwood, Ariz., May l8-20. Well have a few days in Burnet, then to Norhill, Houston, TX., June 3-8; then a long loop to Shelbyville, Tenn., June 17-24; El Dorado, KS., July 8-13; Blackoak church, Winslow, Ark., July 15-27; then hurry to Baytown, TX., July 30-Aug. 5, and S. Park, Houston, Aug. 6-f. PLAIN TALK (must, of course, be written throughout this period.

We purposefully limited our program this year in consideration of a new plan for not more than 20 meetings per year — and more time to work in the study on forth-coming books. However, we have several invitations to return to Australia (middle of September to middle of December) and we are determined to do this, if the necessary details can be worked out.

1974 is already filled with the twenty meetings of our revised plan of work, and includes a tour of four meetings in Canada. We are now working on the 75 schedule.

The work at Burnet continues to be encouraging. We thank God, first of all, for innumerable blessings; and acknowledge a heavy dependence upon our elders: bros. Collins, Parks, and Stephens; and the dedicated work of the local evangelist, bro. Shipley. Of course, these fine men could do little without the cooperation of the rest of the team—the saints of Oaks-West, in Burnet. A hurried check reveals a membership of 110, average contribution of $586., average attendance (Sunday morning) of 132. The sterling quality of bro. Shipley was revealed in a unique way as he helped me get these figures from the books, He would not add Easter attendance into the column for averages, for he said that was not representative. We can not claim greatness; only a GREAT purpose, work, and eternal goal.