Vol.VIII No.IX Pg.1
November 1971

Believeth All Things

Robert F. Turner

I look back with regret upon some incidents of my life — a regret that deepens with the knowledge that despite repentance and Gods forgiveness, marks may have been left on the lives of others that yet remain.

My son and I passed an unconscious man on the steps of Grand Central Station, in New York. Im pretty sure he was drunk; but I saw compassion in the face of the boy, and he started to stop — it was startling, new to him I said, Wino or something like that, and moved him on. I wish now I had let him express his compassion, even if it had meant later disillusionment. We grow calloused, hardened to others problems, and selfish soon enough on our own — without assistance from our parents.

This all came to mind when talking with a mother who said her son was tender-hearted and trusting — too trusting for his own good. He wanted to believe in everyone — to take at face value all they said. It had gotten him into difficulties. But I find it hard to criticize a man for wanting to believe in people — even when my experience tells me they are not to be trusted. The heart reaches out, even while the head holds back. It is a nice thing to be able to say about a man, even when you feel like advising him to follow his head.

City dwellers may find it hard to believe, but I know places where, Until recently, folk rarely locked the house when they went out. Now such places are changing — and the people find it difficult to make the necessary changes in outlook. I know how they feel. When they realize how they are beginning to think of their neighbors — the distrust they know is growing in their hearts — they feel like they need to take a bath.

Sure — there have always been thieves and drunks; and there have always been hypocrites in the church. I suppose I am showing my age and my country raising when I even wish for it to be otherwise.

But lets encourage the few trusting souls that remain. Laugh at their naivet, and feel your deep down hurt that you can not be one of them.