Vol.VIII No.VI Pg.4
August 1971

Study In Hebrews

Robert F. Turner

The key word for the Hebrew epistle is SUPERIORITY. The writer writes to Hebrews who had become Christians, but who may now be tempted to return to their national, traditional faith. He argues that Christ is the superior Messenger, Law-giver, and High Priest and the Christian System is superior to that of Judaism. Interspersed with these points are numerous Exhortations to Faithfulness, with warnings and encouragements; and a third main section of the letter is devoted to this theme. The closing chapter may be considered General Exhortations. with references to earlier material. An outline of the epistle follows.


1. To Angels (1:1—2:18)

A. Angels- messengers, therefore Christ the superior messenger.

(1) Yet, humble; put on flesh to be like brethren, deliver us.

2. To Moses (3:1—4:13)

A. Moses - lawgiver, therefore Christ the superior lawgiver.

(1) Rest under Christ superior to that under Moses, Joshua.

(2) Only for faithful workers.

3. To Aaron (4:14 —7:28)

A. Aaron (4:4) High Priest, so Christ superior High Priest.

(1) Called of God, after the order of Melchisedec, proof theme.

(Interlude of chiding, warning, and encouragement. 5:10- 6:20)

(2) Melchisedec —Christ (7:1—28)

a. Both King AND Priest.

b. Superior to Abraham, Levi and whole Aaronic order.

c. By call rather than descent.

d. Like nothing before or after.

e. No successors to office. f. Different Law than by Aaron.

g. Sinless High Priest

h. Eternal High Priest

B. Summation (8:1—13 and conclusion — A New Covenant in Effect

OF CHRISTIAN SYSTEM —Heb. 9:1- 10:18

1. In Tabernacle (Lord pitched)

A. Our Altar is in Heaven.

2. In Priesthood (and Service)

3. In Covenant (sealed by Christ)

4. In Offering (Blood of Christ)

5. In Benefits (Forgiveness of Sin)

HOLDFAST— Heb. 10:19 -11:40)

1. Seeing we have such blessings.

2. No other sacrifice, mercy. (12:17)

3. Knowing the terror of the Lord.

4. Encouragement Via Example:

A. Examples of the Fathers.

B. Jesus, Author and Finisher.

C. Testings prove Gods love to us.

D. Opportunities so much greater.

E. Our God a consuming fire.

GENERAL EXHORTATIONS —Heb. 13:1-25 (With reference to former material)

FIRST—get a text that has easily readable print, and read the epistle all the way through. Then, wait a day or two, and read it through again. Then, wait a few days, and read it through again. These reading should be made as rapidly as possible, not stopping to study particulars.

NOW, perhaps, you are ready to go through more slowly, and look for the points of the above outline. Use some scrap paper, to jot down such points as come readily to your mind. After the outline is clear, study verses.