Vol.VIII No.VI Pg.2
August 1971

From Down - Under

Robert F. Turner

Our readers may grow weary of hearing from me, about Australia; but I am so thrilled by my continuing and expanding contacts from there, that I just have to tell someone about it.

An encouraging report from Melbourne indicates 12 baptisms of which I did not know when writing articles for TRUTH Magazine and the GUARDIAN. It also tells of five restorations, and the beginning of a congregation in a new section of the city.

One young Australian preacher writes — about a hitch-hiker — well to cut a long story short, all that really matters is to say I baptized him the following Sunday — have found him a job in Caringbah, and he stayed with us until he found a place to board. Enjoy a little reading between the lines on that one, if you would know the spirit of Australia. (And that young preacher who opened his heart and home, is living on a very sub-standard support.)

One letter enclosed a bulletin from Holland Park, Qld., which featured an article about ANTI-ISM! It sarcastically refers to the Anti-cup fellow the Anti-class bloke anti- collection basket anti supported preachers we dont need a building we dont like church fellowship in the building we dont need advertising were going to get too big. The tirade ends with the charge that these awful Anti-s dont want to work for the Lord, and if this church wont let him preach, hell start one of his own. The writer has the gall to conclude, This is striking at the heart of the issue. Does this former head of a U.S. Christian school really think he has dealt with the issues? To answer that one must insult his intelligence or his integrity. My correspondent called the article a Hymn of Hate. Hmmm! Well, no self - respecting Australian will be swayed by such tactics.

And there are warm personal notes from brethren known so briefly — who refer to our studies together as a mountain- top experience we know the wealth of the world is Jesus. Another writes, we look forward to seeing you again one day before the reward— and another, let us hear more from you and other brethren who have no desire to add to nor take away from the Lords word.

Soul-hungry, experienced preachers are needed in Australia; as well as support for sound Australian men. I will gladly show color pictures of the country, saints, church buildings etc., and help in any way possible to acquaint you with its opportunities.