Vol.VIII No.V Pg.8
July 1971

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

They were gathered about the lawyers desk like cattle at the trough, waiting with poorly concealed greed for the reading of the will. Tension mounted as the seal was broken, and the counselor slowly unfolded a single sheet of paper.

He read: I, John Doe, being of sound mind and good judgement, spent it all. Period.

And why not? Are we not here to use the bounty God gives us; to spend and be spent in His service? I do not know how the above John Doe spent it all — perhaps ill-advised and selfishly — but he made his own mistakes with that which came to his hand.

We have obligations to our wife and small children who may survive us that should be considered. The uncertainties of old age make a literal even-up conclusion practically impossible, but do not remove it as a desirable ideal.

I am not commending the spendthrift, the wastrel, the prodigal who has no sense of responsibility for the proper use of his substance. We are stewards of the things of God, with an obligation to use wisely. Saving is a virtue, when this means a judicious holding of funds so that we may have something to USE at a more propitious time. It teaches self -control — it builds confidence and (albeit a this-world related) feeling of solidness and security. But a miser may convince himself that he is just conservative — not given to the sinful waste of money. His gold and silver cankers while sinners die untaught, and his neighbor dies unassisted. (Jas. 5:1-6) The step between constructive saving and selfish hoarding is not a big one. When God is no longer served, Mammon slides easily into His place.

But things are so unsettled, argues the man who trusts in this world; Anything could happen!

Thats right! Anything, including the end of this world — What then??

I believe God wants me to work hard, make money, save it — but only to the end that I may USE that which comes to my hand as tools to serve and glorify Him. There is no money exchange in heaven. Those of sound mind, good judgement, and an understanding of scripture, will seek to spend it all here — properly.