Vol.VIII No.II Pg.8
April 1971

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

I heard a little girl say her prayers, and the low, lisping murmur warmed and filled my heart. Now I lay me down to sleep — and she explored her childish memory, searching for the words her mother had sought to place there.

And then, a young dynamo of six full years said his prayers. His open, confident voice showed no hesitancy. He wanted me to know that he could do it without half trying — and he hurried through the words in rapid succession. Now-I-lay-me-down- to-sleep....

A Junior, age nine, was late to the table — throwing his baseball at the couch as he raced for his seat — but when his father asked him to say grace he settled himself and bowed his head. God is great, God is good, God, we thank thee for this food! he repeated, with firmness and clarity.

But in another home a teenaged boy, whose ultra-long hair scented to embarrass his parents, came reluctantly to the table. He would not look directly at the preacher when introduced, but muttered a few words beneath his breath. His father had to ask him the second time to say the blessing (his sister was reaching for the food, and seemed surprised at the fathers request) and there was an awkward silence before he began; God is great, God is good —.

A young convert, zealous and eager to learn, attended a mens training class and listened intently to the more experienced give the prayer. He wanted to be prepared when his turn came, and when it did he took a deep breath and began: Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thee name —. (He didnt know what hallowed meant, and had no conception of the grammatical use of thee-thou etc., but that was the way more experienced men had trained him to give a prayer.)

And the elderly saint worded the prayer — without fear of molestation, suit unto us such blessings, that we may hear thy welcome plaudit, — and all listened patiently.

Until one day I may live to hear a child taught to speak to God (by parents constantly aware of His presence) or someone in the assembly may really PRAY — and people will ask in astonishment, What was he doing??? Never spake man like this!!