Vol.VIII No.II Pg.2
April 1971

A Circular Rectangle

Robert F. Turner

A circular rectangle. Now, that has a nice scholarly ring to it. It is even simple enough to say. Try to draw one! Circle describes something absolutely different from the term rectangle. The result of joining the words together is an impossible contradiction of terms. It is gibberish. But so much for geometry and verbal gymnastics.

A young brother — just home from the University — in an air of superior scholarship announces, I believe the Genesis account, but I also believe the theory of evolution. Hmmm. The Bible teaches God formed man from dust (Gen. 2:7) and later fashioned the woman from a rib taken from Adams side (Gen. 2:21,22). The theory of evolution claims man has evolved from some ape-like animal over a period of millions of years. This young brother believes BOTH the Bible and the evolution of the species? I am confused; is that a circle or a rectangle?

Another brother freely quotes, We speak where the Bible speaks and we are silent where it is silent. I thought I understood him until he explained a current practice with Oh, we do many things for which we have no scripture. Another brother smiles and confidently nods his head. We do not need authority for everything we do. I am having trouble drawing this one. Should I use a compass or a straight-edge? But brethren are patient with me and continue to explain. You see, it does not really matter how you get the job done, just as long as you do it. That is what counts. And that is the same fellow who said to me earlier, We do Bible things in Bible ways and call Bible Things by Bible names. Is that an optical illusion or does that rectangle actually have curved sides?

Obviously it is not as difficult to find and repeat a good principle as it is to apply it consistently in both speech and life. Also, it does not take a genius to say an impossible thing nor a fool to be inconsistent. Average folk like us easily do both. Joe Fitch


Word from Robert is encouraging. He is holding up to the heavy work load and good results are evident in the meetings. Several have been baptized. Some contacts and studies with unbelievers leave further work to be done and the results yet to be seen. Brethren grow stronger, have deeper convictions, and firmer ties to both God and each other. We rejoice over the good reports and look forward to more details when Robert returns.