Vol.VIII No.XII Pg.8
February 1972

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Are there people in this generation who are vitally interested in hearing the gospel preached? There are indeed! My friend, Leslie D., has a note in his paper THINK about a woman who was listening so closely she forgot to breathe — for a time.

I just love to be reminded of a story that is just as good, or maybe a little bit better. My story centers upon a railroad engineer who once ran a mighty Santa Fe freight through our beloved Arizona. He has finished his run now, but I am sure his widow will not mind my recalling these things.

For years this man showed little interest in the gospel, and I do not know what first touched his heart. But when the awakening came he was wide open, every pore. He was a big man, and often sat forward on a pew, leaning intently toward the speaker. On one occasion he became so absorbed in the lesson that he completely forgot where he was. He reached for that pack in his shirt pocket (with the automatic motion so familiar to those addicted to the weed) and put a cigarette in his mouth without lifting his eyes from the preacher. Still looking straight ahead, hungry for every word, he was fishing for a match when a friend noticed what was taking place, and gave him an elbow.

At another meeting I was presenting Bible material which I placed, step by step, upon the chalk-board. Sometimes I get a bit carried away with my own preaching, and I was much enthused with this lesson. As each point drove steadily toward a scriptural conclusion, and my engineering friend leaned even closer, I finally reached the climax with a flourish, and a piercing question, MAN, dont you see it?? And from deep within that big man, poised on the edge of his seat, came a rumbling, satisfying YEAHHHHH! !

He was so embarrassed at his involuntary outburst that he slipped from his seat, and walked to the back of the little building, where he stood in the corner for awhile. But he did see it! At the next service he brought a pair of his huge bib overalls, and I baptized him into Christ. Yeahhhhh! I recall it all — with a warm feeling in my heart for a man who really listened.

Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added... (Acts 2:41)