Vol.VIII No.XII Pg.6
February 1972

That Inner Light

Robert F. Turner

In the Oct. 71, edition of Mission Messenger, bro. Carl Ketcherside has an article on seeking Guidance. He proposes to tell how he seeks the guidance of the Spirit, and ascertains the will of God for his own life. He says this May not be at all valid for another individual. No two of us are of the same intellectual, temperamental or spiritual caliber, and the Holy Spirit must not be boxed in by my own experience. ...(A)

1. I seek to immerse myself in the total revelation of God. I regard the Bible as containing that revelation in promise, prophecy, precept and perfection. .... (B)

2. I eagerly and fervently pray for guidance in specific and immediate problems.... And I keep on praying, persisting and continuing until I feel I have the answer and the light within turns green and I have the right of way. .... (C)

3. I also seek the advice of other saints.... As a member of the community of the reconciled I do not want to go it alone. .... (D)

4. I seek to live in the shadow of Gods umbrella of grace all of the time and abide in the tent of the Spirit. .... (E)

5. I relate my entire being to the dynamic of love, injecting it into every life situation. Even if a thing is right and proper, I discard it as a possibility if it requires a loveless attitude or will cause another to stumble or fall out of the way. .... (F)

When I have related my problem to the word of God and sought the counsel of heaven, when I have consulted brethren of reputation and made sure that I am willing to pursue the more excellent way, and when I have prayed until my inner consciousness is directed to a certain activity, or in a certain direction, I take it that this is the will of God for me and I pursue that course. (C)(A)


Bro. Ketcherside shares the error common to the many who have sought to explain H.S. guidance apart from the written word. He looks within himself and this subjective approach, in the final analysis, puts man above God.

Note (A) may not be valid for another the will of God for me. This destroys the unity in the faith, presents unconfirmed testimony, reinstates divers portions and manners (Heb. 1:1) and denies the perfection of Bible revelation claimed in (B). If Gods revelation in the Bible must await the green light of each mans inner consciousness (C) it is neither total, perfect, nor understandable, so as to thoroughly furnish.

(E) is beautiful — but what does it say? And a thing cannot be right and proper (F) which requires that loveless attitude etc. The love which God requires of us is an integral part of our total relation to Him. It was being manifested when Jesus denounced hypocrisy and Paul withstood Peter. (Matt. 23: Gal. 2:11)

And who wins if the inner light says go but Gods word says STOP!