Vol.VII No.VI Pg.8
August 1970

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Christians are a separate people with different goals, and rules for attaining those goals that differ from worldly standards. It would be strange indeed if this did not produce different people.

But being different is not the goal — it is simply the fruit of our heavenly pursuit, in which the Son of God is our example and guide. There is nothing in the personal life of Jesus that suggests he made a spectacle of himself with bizarre dress or conduct. He attended feasts, ate with sinners, and was at home with the people of his day, yet without sin.

Peter says we are a peculiar people (1 Pet. 2:9), but this means we are Gods own possession in a distinctive way — conformed to the divine image. It doesnt mean we are necessarily queer by social standards, nor in appearance.

I heard of one fellow who decided he must be different — so he began to part his hair from side-to-side rather than from front-to-back. Others who get religion feel they must carry a bulky Bible with them wherever they go. Men who never wore anything but overalls, now deck-out in a black coat, with pencils and comb in the breast pocket. (This means they are getting ready to preach.) if a man needs a Bible to read, or to teach others, by all means carry one. And if a woman has been dressing immodestly, and painting her self FOR SALE; then, when she becomes a Christian, her attire and grooming will reflect the meek and quiet spirit within. There is something wrong when it reflects a desire to be noticed as that woman with the ascension robe.

Jesus said those who pray in the streets have their reward — and the expression was used among the Greeks for receipt — the praise of shallow men is receipt for payment in full. Thats all they are going to get.

In this materialistic world the truly spiritual man needs no hippie medallion to stand out. Honesty, is a bonfire in an age of dark dealings, and the Lords servant is conspicuous by his absence from Satans party. Anyhow, we are striving for recognition in heaven — remember!!

About the man who parted his hair from ear-to-ear — we hear that fad didnt last long. He got tired of having people whisper in his nose.