Vol.VII No.II Pg.2
April 1970

Some Condiments

Robert F. Turner

Joe is coasting this month — just kicked his typewriter out of gear for awhile — but his past material has produced many fine comments, and we hope to have his articles in their old place (pp. 3) again soon.

His last article, Attention Ladies! was especially well received; although one reader said it was not the women who pulled and tugged at short skirts who bothered him. It was those who didnt bother to tug, and apparently felt no shame.

Heard of one preacher who was emphasizing the importance of every single word in the Bible. Leave out one word, and you are in trouble, he said. For example, when Jesus said, Come forth! (Jn. 11: 43) suppose he had forgotten to say, Lazarus? You talk about a population explosion—!

PLAIN TALK is printed and distributed free of charge, for the good we hope to accomplish through its contents; and we are happy for this material to be reworked in sermons and reprinted in bulletins. The reward we seek must come from heaven, so we have little grounds for complaint when our articles are reprinted, even lifted bodily, heading and all, out of P. 1. and into other papers, with no credit given. But there is a valid warning in order. When the impression is left that the material originated with the editor (and a lack of signature does leave this impression) there is a little (?) matter of honesty to be considered. Incidentally, my name is NOT selected!!

Preachers constantly on the move in meeting work, and presented two Thanksgiving dinners per day, seven days per week; have learned that fix a light meal is just as impossible as a little garlic in the salad. There is no such thing as a little garlic or a light meal for the visiting preacher. I suppose it started with the idea that to properly treat a guest, he should have the best we could afford — but this has gotten out of hand, especially for one who must try to be at home under circumstances so unlike home. What home has three pies for desert at noon, and three different pies for desert at the evening meal? And with rules that insist, eat heartily, at all meals, or we will feel you are not making yourself at home??

The tobacco user was incensed. Do you mean to tell me I cant chew tobacco and go to heaven? The preacher replied, Wouldnt say that, but you would have to go to ______ to spit.